Rotation is slowing down, due to Overflow? or other reason?

I am experiencing the following using enhancement shammy rotations in raids, do not seem to experience the same issues in myth+ keys. As fights are progressing my attacks are getting slower and slower which is really visable on overall damage. Same goes for next fights, but if i close down and restart wow the cycle is reset, feels like buffer overflow or simular … could this be true? i am almost sure that the rotation i am using are not locking up, like i have seen using DH rotatations. I have tried running rotations ranging from 20 ms and up to 80 ms, does not make a difference, maybe i have to go even higher than 80, in raid FPS is 60ish so 70ms should be a safe choice right?
I would appreciate any idea’s to work with, as i have not been able to find anyone else that have simular behaviours on this forum.

Which Macros are you using?

Mainly this one, have been testing with some of the other rotatations, most perform quite bad.


Usage Information
12-02-2020 CrLi AOE

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.5.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Stormstrike, Crash Lightning

KeyPress: Heart Essence

Main Sequence: Rockbiter, Feral Spirit, Lava Lash, Flametongue, Stormstrike, Sundering, Frostbrand, Crash Lightning

KeyRelease: Stormstrike, Crash Lightning

Post Macro: Stormstrike, Crash Lightning

thats a old macro, so far the newest one i know of is ENHC3WAVE 8.3 (Final), which i have used and was working great til i switched to Elfyu’s. Which is working great so far for me.

Will try to look at ELFYU again, ENHC3WAVE is not working for me, way to big mailstrom usage = many period of pure melee … but maybe it could outperform his old macro in long fights… worth a try. Think i might just judging to fast based on dummy simming, where the ‘old’ macro outperforms the other macroes by far.