Rouge outlaw lazy macro that works!

Has anyone managed to get the lazy macro for outlaw rouge to work?. I have tried all the lazy macros for the rouge but it does not perform as it should. I have a lv 70 ilvl 455 and when i try any lazy macro for rouge it only puts out 34k dps on singel target. I managed to get aa hold on a rouge in game that did the rotation manually and he was ilvl 485 and had an dps output at 700k on AOE and 180k on ST. i grouped with him so i could see it for my self and the big dps builders was blade flurry,between the eyes and dispatch. So if some one can do a rotation that focuses on maintaining the energy at enough high level so that those three spell are active and triggered on a auto rotation and at cooldown, well then we all have a winner when it comes to dps problems for our rouges. I also asked him and he told me that those three spells are more or less the only ones that he focuses on and that they are the ones that does the high dps. The highest dps was blade flurry

you could always make 1 urself and see how you go with it rogue is the hardest to make macros for by far IMO so feel free to make an attempt at one

try mine.
not perfect but one button and very active.