Run at "x" ms, what exactly that means?


Noob question… What exactly does it mean when in a macro the creator specify “run it at 100ms” ? Where do I have to set that up?

Not sure if that’s referring to my keyboard, to AHK or to something else…


Hi @Kikabrenes

“ms” means “milliseconds”.
This is the speed at which the player spams the hotkey that is bound to his/her GSE macro.

Often, players use one of the following AHK scripts to spam the hotkey for them:

You can notice, by analysing these scripts, that a line contains: Sleep, 150.
150 is the speed (in milliseconds) that the script spams the hotkey.

By the way, nor 100 ms or 150 ms are safe values (not even 300 or 500). By using any third party tool (or software) to automate these clicks for you, you are putting your WoW account at risk, since this is forbidden by WoW Terms of Service.

250 ms means 4 key presses per second, this is about what a real human being can do (but not for a very long time, not even at a regular pace). But this is the strict minimum ms that you should use.
Test your macro, you might even notice better DPS with 290 ms or 340 ms.

I strongly advise you to read this post: Guide: macros, WoW, you and more - #55 by TimothyLuke

As an alternative to AHK, you can use mouse wheel down or mouse wheel up to spam your GSE macros (this way, no third party tool (AHK) is used).


Hey thanks for the explanation, I had no idea it was against ToS. I’ll click manually or do the mouse wheel thing that’s a great idea

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Just wanted to throw this out there for others that might be having the same issue with multiple classes. I didnt see there was an option under character for ms because when you change the main ms it changes for all of them just a thought that it might help others.