Sauce Outlaw - Not a one Button Macro. Use's Mod Keys and Still Kicking Ass 06/08/2022

Ive Tried all the different Outlaw macro’s but just wasn’t 100% personally happy. Im still not! but this is what ive come up with as a hybrid that works well for me.

Situational moves are done via mod Keys for better control and DPS! I got sick of watching all in one macros holding onto combo points or using finishers too soon. I use Logitech Software at 100 MS for this macro. All info about usage and versions is in the Usage Information Section.

I get good parse’s in raids and mythic +'s. You just have to get used to using the mod keys to manually do the finishers.

Updates to come as i make them and are happy with them. If you have Suggestions or find something that works feel free to let me know. Im always looking for ways to squeeze extra DPS out of it.

I have changed Slice and Dice from the alt modifier as just a separate button on my cast bars and put Pistol Shot as the alt modifier so you can use it when half cost pops. I also still use Afenar’s Weakaura to keep an eye on when to hit Pistol Shot.

As always any feedback is welcomed.


Usage Information

  • Night Fae
  • 100MS
  • shift, control and alt mod’s for control
  • Talents i use are - 2,1,1,2,1,2,2 - use whatever you feel comfortable with. This is what ive found works best for me.
    Still a WIP and feedback is always welcomed!

This macro contains 2 macro templates. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.74.

  • The Default macro template is 1
  • PVP uses template 2
  • Arenas use template 2

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Stealth, Roll the Bones

KeyPress: Eviscerate, Slice and Dice, Ambush, Between the Eyes

Main Sequence: Sinister Strike, Pistol Shot, Ambush, Blade Rush, Roll the Bones, Sepsis, Gouge, Blade Flurry

KeyRelease: Vanish, Adrenaline Rush, Tricks of the Trade

Macro Version 2

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Stealth, Roll the Bones

KeyPress: Cheap Shot, Slice and Dice, Eviscerate, Between the Eyes

Main Sequence: Sinister Strike, Pistol Shot, Gouge, Blade Rush, Cheap Shot, Sepsis, Roll the Bones, Blade Flurry

KeyRelease: Adrenaline Rush, Tricks of the Trade


Great macro, been enjoying it very much leveling so far, can’t wait to be 60 to try it in End content! Keep up the good work!

Ive made some changes and squeezed some more DPS out of this for my toon. Still with manual finishers on mod keys as you just cant get enough DPS with the macro doing finishers for you!

Latest SIM of target dummy says 3.7k DPS and with this macro i sit on 3.5k DPS. Dungeon Slice sims at 5.1k and on dummies i sit on 4.8k DPS.

Vanish is back to manual usage by default.

I just made an account because I just want to say this is amazing and works best out of the others listed here. Best one I’ve used so far. In some cases I’ve parsed 100% in CN with this. Keep up the good work. Just some feedback:

  1. Is it possible to work in Crimson Vial for anything that is non-raid? (i.e. Torghast, Dungeons, World Questing)
  2. DS and MD sim better then Vigor, just an FYI. I use DS just to not have to manually sort out MD off of this. Perhaps we could add a version with MD baked in?
  3. Just recently for some reason it seems like the macro hangs up randomly (but rarely) and I have to Stealth to reset.
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Thanks for the feedback i appreciate it!

Ive updated just a little to clean it up (should fix that occasional random hang as i was getting that as well prior to this change). Ive been using DS a lot more as well and your right the sims are better.

I didnt play much with MD but i have been meaning to do just that! The only reason i havent added it in already is for the same reason i put the finishers on modifiers. If its just an auto part of the macro it wont fire off at ideal times but i will have a play and see if i can find something im happy with.

I was also looking at adding crimson vial, i could almost just add it as part of the standard rotation without losing too much, there would be times its used when not needed but it would average out due to incoming aoe dmg and dmg from stuff on the ground.

Ive actually been focusing on a sub macro as i found i didnt like any of the all in one’s there either but with the recent buffs to assassination i might have to have a go in that space as well.

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I’ve been using your macro and IMO its the best outlaw macro of the bunch. I took out your roll the bones autocast because a big part of the outlaw dps is keeping the good roll the bones and rerolling the bad ones on cooldown. There are a few things i’ve done outside of the macro to keep me aware of the roll the bones buff. I put in a weak aura that lets me know if I should reroll or keep the buff full time. The WA will make a sound when I need to reapply the roll the bones. The problem is sometimes its hard to get the roll the bones manual cast off, because of the lazy macro spam. Is it possible to add it as a fourth finisher with a fourth mod? Or combine it with one of the other finishers? How would you go about that?

You would remove “/cast roll the bones” from PreMacro and add “/cast [mod:ctrl] Roll the Bones” to KeyPress (Change ‘ctrl’ to another button you wan’t to use as modifier)

My suggestion would be to cast Blade Flurry BEFORE casting Blade Rush as it works with BF.

What I mean is what if there is a fourth mod. can it be done? Why are people only using ctrl, shift and Alt for mods? If Dispatch is shift, Slice and dice is Alt, and Between the eyes is Ctrl, how would you add roll the bones? I tried combining it with some of the others but it wrecks the macro and spazzes out. I tried, /cast [mod:alt] Roll the Bones; Slice and Dice and it doesn’t work. Could I unbind the X key and make it a mod? I tried and that also doesn’t work.

Minor Updates

I havent had any success with a fourth mod key im sorry. I found an old post on this forum for mod key usage but didnt have much success with what it suggested.

Had a play with MD but if you want to use that talent i suggest manual usage for best results! I couldnt find a way to get the most out of a talent like that if the macro spams it for you im sorry, it goes back to an all in one style than can never get the timing of something like that right. DS works better on that talent tier for macro usage.

RTB works differently now than what it used to with re rolling etc.

you can add a stop cast when a mod key is pressed if you want for immediate mod key activation?

When your using a macro its important to sim your toon of course but the sim isnt taking into account your using a macro. Jump on the dummies and watch your logs as the macro fires to see what works the best. Watch for PS usage, flurry and rush. thats what ive tried to do for why and when things are in the priority list.

Ultimately, I feel yours is the best lazy macro. I’ve played around with it and to squeeze a bit more dps, I put roll the bones as the Alt mod and took out slice and dice, and just manually click it every time it comes up. I moved blade rush to be after blade flurry and added in ghostly strike right after the blade rush:
/cast [combat,nostealth,talent:1/3] Ghostly Strike then it goes right into your cast sequence. Without buffs I can get about 4K dps on raid dummy over 5 mins (207 ilevel). Although it is a little wonky as I’ve been working in Vanish into the rotation for an ambush and it can reset the damage meter. Either way, your outlaw macro is the macro to use.


To be honest, this is probably the best macro I’ve ever played with on Rogue. Rogue for me is the bottom of my list of alts - so I need something exactly like this to do some nice content. It’s great. It’s nowhere near a “1 button macro” (as in, you just spam one key and that’s all you do) - which categorically - over multiple expansions - is UNABLE to work for a Rogue. Full stop. You need the modifiers, as you have added, to use combo points. With further tweaks by the individual user, this macro can be made even better and suit bespoke playstyles.

Love it. Thank you a lot! <3

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Jumped back on after quite a break and the macro still seems to be holding up really well. So far ive still got higher parse’s on target dummies using modifiers in this macro than other full one button macros for outlaw rogue.
Happy days!

We used to be able to do 6 mods separate as below but since shadow land released it has been broken. We reported it to Blizzard but haven’t got a fix since. Hence why currently Lctrl or rctrl count as one.


I have found it useful to have extra action keys that interrupt my macros without turning them off. In this case, instead of working Roll the Bones into the macro itself, I would use something like this manually:

/cast !Roll the Bones

Then, whenever your RtB weak aura alerts, you can key in its use.

Separately, I haven’t used this macro yet. What do the separate mod keys activate?