Sequencing Help

Hello, I’ve been using GSE for about a day now, but its not working EXACTLY as I’d like and I want to see if I’m doing something wrong or if it has to do with the limitations of the add on.

What I’m trying to do on my Unholy DK is have a button that will cast Scourge Strike a majority of the time, but when certain cooldowns are available (namely Dark Transformation and Unholy Frenzy) it will opt to use those as they become available.

The current sequence I am running is:


The problem I am running into with this sequence is it tries to use the cooldown abilities even when they are not available, leading to very long downtimes between Scourge Strikes as it will usually attempt to cast 4-5 instances of unholy frenzy/Dark transformation before it cycles all the way back around to scourge strike.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

You just need to put in more spells. I doubt you dps using only Unholy Frenzy and Scourge Strike.

You’re right, but I guess I just wanted to leave some aspects of the rotation within my own control

I always put all my damaging spells in a macro, all my crowd control and healing spells i control manually.
Then i put all the burst dps spells in another macro.

Hope that helps you :slight_smile:

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