Sethadon's Shadow Priest Macros & Weakauras ** UPDATED 2023-FEB-09 **

Instead of “looking” what’s stopping you from Simming your Talents to get an exact and true solution and not what someone “thinks” is best for your character?

Error … and errrr madness :slight_smile: guess ur not from around here are you :slight_smile:

working with your client has been interesting and the weakauras have been a lot of fun, thanks

can u post your macro up please

Because reading is overrated, it’s on the main post.

please resubmit your macro without the mouseover in every line of code.

This Macro for me on this class is perfect! I was initially put off by it appearing over convoluted, but that’s because I didn’t understand it and was used to the generic format. It’s awesome and thanks very much for making it.

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this is the type of stuff the creator needed, instead of all the trolling. i hope @evox288 sees this and it helps maybe get them to come back to posting their macros.

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Macros works wery sadly with 5555 haste and 5000 mast my dps in like 40k in AOE

the creater is taking a break till the fall, but your right there needs to be more positive feedback!!

nearly all boxes in st rotation looking like:
/cast [known:341374, known:228260, known:375901] [known:341374, known:228260, noknown:375901] [known:341374, noknown:228260, known:375901] [known:341374,

If they show as numbers that typically means you don’t have those abilities talented currently.

I wish this would see the darkness of the night again (light of day joke since shadow priest) this is such a good pack of macros!

Love you’re macros got at least 20% more dps

i cant get talents set due saying it out date i tried using wowhead tool and i kept get erroer can u post it again i tried one in the original post

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Yo can someone post the updated talent import string? It says its outdated already :frowning:

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Hello, non of the macros are working when i past them in game

That’s weird. They all worked for me and helped me write my own. This macro is so smart and very well thought out.

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