Sethadon's Shadow Priest Macros & Weakauras ** UPDATED 2023-FEB-09 **

Hey Everybody,

Here is my latest set of Shadow Priest Macros & WeakAuras.
Hopefully they are more useful than my previous set.


MACROS - all GSE import strings can be found below:

DAMAGE: ** UPDATED 2023-FEB-09 **



All WeakAura import strings can be found below:

TALENT BUILDS: - all macros have been tested against the following builds:

HUD LAYOUT: (most recent):

  • Will use the Macros and WeakAuras (cool setup). :+1:
  • Will only use the WeakAuras.
  • Will only use the Macros.
  • Will not use this at all (setup is too complicated). :-1:

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hello, this post is confusing to me. i dont see any macros or anything to copy into GSE. can you go into better details what all this stuff is? sorry. i am really interested in using this. just need to understand what you put up there.

When you click one of the links, does it take you to an import string? :confused:


Looking at my pastebin account, several links are “Pending Moderation”, meaning it might take a bit of time for the import strings to show. :frowning:

no it will not open the pastebin at all.

can you copynad paste the string here, rather than the image you provided

thank u

i sent you the macros in a dm :slight_smile:

I get the same thing as well. I think its waiting aproval before oyu can view it?

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thats what got me confused. when i clicked on the links it didnt open. so i thought i was missing something. glad i wasnt the only one.

Good news! Moderators at pastebin have approved all of the import strings. Can someone please verify the links are working now? Thanks. :beers:

I’ll take a stab at it and report back :+1:

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Pastebins are working just fine. I’m currently struggling to get them to cast more than mind blast and mind flay/mind sear. Probably something on my end like an add-on. I’ll report back when I get it sorted.

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ive got the the 2 child macros loaded; and the parent macro.

Im assuming we use the parent as the macro- right?

However, very few if any spells get casted at all.


Yes, the PARENT macro will execute the appropriate CHILD macro depending on the Key Modifier being used:


This is by design, and is intended to prevent DOTS from being cast too frequently AND Offensive Cooldowns from being wasted. I recommend reviewing the macro details and additional information provided below:




Devouring Plague will be cast while executing the single target rotation when Insanity is >= 50.


Void Bolt will be cast while executing either the single OR multi target rotations, but only if the Void Eruption talent has been enabled, and your character is in Voidform.


Divine Star or Halo will be cast while executing the multi target rotation, but only if either of these talents have been enabled.






In summary, the 5 macros listed above will work together to cast ALL your damage spells, giving you full control over when to cast each spell. Having said that, only the following macros need to occupy a slot on your action bar:


Could you create the AOE healing macro for holy please?

I can’t promise I will play Holy this expansion, but if I do I will definitely share my macros. :beers:

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so i need to download more than the child macros too? and the shift and ctl add dots and big spenders?

Yes. At minimum, the 5 damage macros should be imported into GSE. Binding the Parent, DOTS, and Offensive Cooldown macros to your action bar will result in 3 buttons that need pressing during game play. Additionally, to unlock the full potential of these macros you will want to utilize the SHIFT and CTRL Key Modifiers.

The following video may be helpful in adjusting your play style (if necessary):

NOTE: These macros pair REALLY well with the above-mentioned Weakauras, which help identify what spell should be cast next. I highly recommend importing the auras from this collection.


I understand there was much Work. All locks good, The Weak Auras, The Makros etc.
But, I think I’m not alone, there Makros ar not funktional.
I Have Import then in GSE, Put it on the Bar, and its cast some but not in a good following casts.

I’m too Stupid to translate this on ma German client, but I use GSE some Years and I have to work some Makros.

Mut, sorry youre not. I Wish to try, but i can’t.

Good Luck and Thanks for the WeakAuras

I just updated everything. Checkout the new video, and go ahead and try the macros & weakauras and let me know how things go.

Hey Seth - I just downloaded the macros, not the WA yet… Should the macros be functional without the WA? I’m fairly new to this, so it may be use error, I imported the first 3 macros, Main, ST and MT. just casting the main macro with no other keys does very low damage at 60 (cant kill the drakes at the island right at DF zone)… do I need the WA to be able to?

My Damage readout before I died…

it does work without WA. WA is just a very helpful added tool. i think this is a 70 macro, so you are probably gonna see low DPS at 60. but should still be able (i hope) to hold your own. so not sure why you cant do the dragons.

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