Setting MS using Logitech G502

Hello, new so trying to figure things out. I have a Logitech G502 and have the ghub software. Do I just set the button for the 250ms or do I actually need to create a macro with the ghub sofware? I don’t want to use any auto key press, I will press myself just want to be sure how to set the 250ms. Thanks

@bbrainey1995 the 250ms only really matters if you have it set to “toggle” (you press once to start and press again to stop) or “hold press” (you press and hold till you release). If you plan on manually pressing for every action, then the ms will be you (your own pressing speed so if you can only press the button once a second, it comes up to 1000ms).

If you plan on doing the 2 first options, you do need to create a macro and set it to 250ms.

Not sure if im clear, but if you have more question, don’t hesitate.

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Thanks! This makes sense. I am using ghub but have been unsuccessful at creating a macro that works in game for the key press.

just got a g 502 hero myself & selected toggle option & it locks up & won’t shut off lol. Im looking online for a guide to how to set up for wow & if I find anything I will share the post