Setting up a multibox

I’m just considering setting up my very first multibox and am needing advice on what to use addon wise or basically how do you guys do it successfully. any tips apreciated

  1. do you use another addon in game other than the multibox addon for GSE?
  2. which class do you like to multibox and why?

I use isboxer as my multiboxing addon together with EMA and DynamicBoxer.

I main Monks as they can perform all roles (tank, dps, heal), but dungeons are a lot harder than when you are using all ranged dps. But i also have just about every other class as a team as well.

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Some feedback: isboxer/hotkeynet/

I didn’t even try hotkeynet it looks cool but I wanted what the pros use and am willing to spend time and cash to get there

isboxer is definitely advanced and although it costs money the 7 day free trial is great and then $50 a year I believe, not too bad. Initial setup took a long time for someone like me, I’m no computer wizard and there’s so much to potentially adjust to get it where all wow instances interact with not only quest givers but nodes as well (still working on that to make it smooth and seamless)
The setup wizard was great but like I say a lot of learning, adjusting and testing both for retail and classic wow games .
I did find the Discord for isboxer and there’s a ton of info and resources there but the mods of course cant hold your hand, I expected that and its cool.
I wish we could search for setups and copy paste them into isboxer for super easy setups.

for now I’m just 2 boxing to learn but it would be cool to have a 5 team with 4 mages and a priest on classic for example and to be able to copy paste that setup would shave a week of my screwing around time lol .

I went with isboxer and also have both EMA and Dynamic Boxer installed. It was initially a bit buggy until I turned down my graphics and then all my instances didn’t lag as bad the mouse was very responsive instead of a bit behind the main mouse, it also made the toons more responsive. I am still reading and watching videos from Mrai and others on how to set up isboxer to have all windows close enough so that Interactions are seamless.

  1. Might be a silly question but so for me I use my bar 4 slot for my wowlazy macro, lets say I’m making all mages. Would you populate each instance of wow with the macro on that specific spot with a macro from lazy macros? or would you only put your macro on the leader

  2. While in game my toons stutter while casting like its an issue maybe with my macro conflicting with maybe Isboxers? for instance 2 hunters and I hit the button on my mouse to activate my wowlazy macro and all the toons start a crazy jig …they do cast but they don’t just stand still while casting … just gotta figure that out yet maybe i need to disable the macro in isoboxer?? (will keep ya posted)

Thanks for the help and feedback! always appreciated Baba out!

I have never tried hotkeynet either and im only using isboxer as it’s a lot easier (even though you can make it as difficult as you want). I’m only using a simple setup really, nothing too fancy for me.

  1. Easiest (yet again) is to give all mages the same keys on your screen. I also try to do the same for my 5th char, but with different spells. So interrupt is 4 and 5, i will try to find 2 interrupt spells on my priest as well (for example physic scream and silence) and perhaps an instant heal on key 6 and round robin those, so first time you press the key, char1 casts the interrupt, second click the 2nd and so on.

  2. I will have to look into this more when im logged into the game. Will see if i can do that later today.

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Ahh Thanks! much appreciated

Is blizzard removing the follow option in shadowlands?

Thats a good question …Im not sure but if I see anything on the topic I will be sure to let you know

follow is still there, just not in pvp

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  1. Sounds like there is another action connected to that key. You can try asking the forums?
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where can i see that? source?

follow gone in pvp or pve


follow has been gone from pvp for many years now and it will still work in shadowlands PVE, i tested it

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Another dumb question form me, but I’ve read and followed all I can read regarding setting up teams to loot the mobs together but I continually run into an issue where my cursors don’t line up the same on all my slave accounts and the slaves don’t auto loot the mob. things I have tried are making sure screen settings are identical, I use EMA and have all accounts set the same, etc but I am wondering about camera views? what do you generally do for your camera views? also Interact with target keybind? how do you handle that

Sorry for the late reply, yes also with interact with target. That’s the easiest way.
I use the mouse repeater for picking herbs or mining. You can set up cameras in Wow for each client and use a shortcut key to reset the view for all of these, so they all look the same.

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