Shadow Priest Mind Blast Mind Flay

looking for help fixing my macro in GSE
I’m trying to make a macro that will cast mind blast every time its off cd, without clipping mind flay, and have come into an issue where it needs to be double pressed to do back to back mind flays before it resets to do mind blasts, and sometimes if i button mash to much, it will skip the mind blast and just keep mind flaying.

currently using a 2 action box macro that looks like this

1 /cast [nochanneling:Mind Flay] Mind Blast(Rank 12)
2 /cast [nochanneling:Mind Flay] Mind Flay(Rank 8)

I’m wanting to fix the consistent double tapping that’s required to use mind flay back to back while mind blasts on cd and if the occasional skipping over the mind blast can also be fixed that would be appreciated. but the skipping isn’t consistent so I’m not bothered if that’s not fixable, just the double tapping please.

playing on wow classic wotlk if this maters at all.

oh, and if i button mash while walking it cycles even though mind blast is off cd and i may not even be in combat yet, its not a real issue, but if someone knows to to make that stop too, to make mind blast always priority over mindflay that would also be appreciated