Shadowlands 9.05 - 4.3K DPS Destro Build **Updated 5/29/2021**

Hi! I keep getting no cast zones where I loose a lot of dps (Usually when all the cds are up) any idea why this is happening?
Also. I’m night fae will this work with my covenant skill or is it just for NEcrolord?
Thank you!

If you mean 2 to 4 seconds where nothing is being cast, I’ve also been experiencing this. It’s usually when i’m down to under 1 shard and they have to build up. Yes, I lose a lot of DPS During this.

Experiencing the same thing, back to the drawing board.

great macro! I’ve tried all the macro’s on the website, it is the best one.
but how do I use AoE? in single target its 1# dps but couldn’t find AoE

Love this macro been using it for about 2 weeks already and have no complaints

Yo m8, do you have any logs for it?

I still don’t know why people want logs as everyone’s gear, stats, iLevel, playstyle, etc., are going to be most likely be very different to compare to another’s results…

where wouldu put cataclysm?

Whats the problem to ask about logs?

Yeah, It’s nice to what they can do using the same macro but in no way, shape, or form will it reflect what your character can achieve in the same scenario.

Meaning if they got really good scores one might think: “Ooh, I can get the same results, too”. False.

My personal take on most people here looking for macros is that they have no desire to properly play and/or learn a Class by actually doing some research on them or to take any macro made by an OP, which is built using personal playstyle, knowledge, and use of abilities, Talents, skills, etc., and make their own to achieve greater success.

Well if theres logs you can get a read on how the macro performs, and and you also can go in depths for tweaking the macro and so on for your own preference.

its really simple, just scroll down if you just gonna be toxic. We are all here to learn from eachother. Im trying my best to help the community with my macros so people with disabilitys can play the game that we all love and sometimes hate. Im far from the best macro builder in here but im trying o be better at it and logs is a good way for me to look at when i write my macro versions.


Oh, yes, by all means if you’re improving the macros for yourself is a great thing don’t get me wrong but if you release a newer version and post it some others might not experience the same gains and wonder what they’re doing wrong because the macros are tailored to your toons specifically.

And there are no “best macros”. People just have to try all the ones suited to their character and go with ones that perform best.

Looking at logs for that certain boss to see how a macro performs and tweaking it is what it is: for that boss. A generalized macro will perform differently on each boss unless you make a custom macro for each boss due to movement, adds, add switching, immunities, etc.

To all the macro creators: Thank you for your hard work in putting them out!



Talents: 1113211

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.53.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Shadow Bolt, Immolate, Conflagrate

KeyPress: Shadow Bolt, Summon Voidwalker, Summon Felhunter, Fel Domination

Main Sequence: Shadow Bolt, Rain of Fire, Shadowfury, Decimating Bolt, Cataclysm, Conflagrate

KeyRelease: Rain of Fire

When I import this into GSE, it doesn’t allow me to create an icon to place on the action bars. Please help? I love your ST macro, and I would love to have an AOE one!

I have personally run into this with other macro’s. The only thing I have been able to do, was delete and re-import the macro. Then make sure you are using the Create Icon button in GSE, while you have the macro highlighted in your list. I also would use the /macro command and use the Blizz config to go in and change the icon to something I wanted and save. Only then would I try and drag the macro icon from the character listed macro’s in the Blizz macro config into my bar slot. Sorry that you are having concerns with this, this is the only advice I can offer.

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Sometimes this happens because you don’t have any icons available in your wow macro list. If you click on esc and scroll down to the macros tab then click on your toons macros you can see. I think the game only allows 18 per toon there. Delete an icon you may not be using and then open up GSE and create the icon for the macro you’d like to use.


hi @RedMizt,
For some reason this macro has stopped working. I’ve deleted and reimported it with no success. I’ve even deleted all my macros thinking one of them was interfering, but no dice. I’ve made sure that I have the appropriate cov spell in the macro as well. It was a great AOE macro. I have no clue what it’s stopped working.

i just imported this and got message saying its not designed for this version of the game.

Warlock GS

It will still work - I just ignore those messages

Updated Macro’s to GSE 2.6.53