Shadowlands 9.05 - 4.3K DPS Destro Build **Updated 5/29/2021**

This is my attempt to build a max DPS rotation for GSE. All glory and props to some of these fine macro developers, as I have used artistic interpretation to incorporate (ummm, borrow, steal, use) much of their fine work. Mercurio, Lutechi, John Metz, lloskka & Elfyau’s.

Please give this a try and let me know how I can improve the DPS. Certain differing ilvl will see changes in DPS, but I am always chasing the numbers. The 4.3K DPS was recorded 2/12/2021 vs Training Dummies, over a 9 minute fight, 4.6 at 6 minutes and 5.1 at 3 minutes.

2/18/2021 Incorporated changes discovered by @nukester, this build is talent specific, modify as needed for your talent build.
5/29/2021 Updated to GSE 2.6.53
7/13/2021 Updated to GSE 3.0.29 Not playing Wow, been in FFXIV, apologies for the delay.



Talents: 1123223

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.29.


DPS 4.3

I will give it a try right now, thanks for putting it out there

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Thank you @RedMizt

Ill try this next week probs.

DPS seems legit! awesome


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really solid DPS on the dummy, only thing i changed was putting Summon infernal and Dark Soul: Instability on a mod key and adding the /petattack line to the keypress.
Once again great job :smile:


@Diirtysquirrel I have had the devil trying to use mod key, never certain when to fire off. What is your recommendation, at 4 shards? Also, for the /petattack, I remove that from all my macro’s as I always seem to inadvertently aggro adds, sure it is something I am doing wrong. Can’t even have /targetenemy [noharm] in my macro’s or I wind up attacking something I should not. Maybe, I am just too much of a button masher…

@lloskka Cheers Sir, thank you for all your Contributions!

A Few modifications really gave this some oomph. All credit goes to RedMizt who created the first macro that’s ever worked well for me. Thank you!!!

Added to Keypress
/cast [nochanneling,mod:shift] Impending Catastrophe
/cast [nochanneling,mod:ctrl] Mortal Coil
/cast [nochanneling,mod:alt] Drain Life

In Main Sequence,
Removed spells that aren’t talented, fixed a misspell on Chaos Bolt and Added /cast Havoc, that was missing. it’s a pretty big dps boost. Here is the main sequence now.
/cast Dark Soul: Instability
/cast Havoc
/castsequence [@cursor,combat] reset=combat/target Summon Infernal, Immolate
/cast Conflagrate
/cast Conflagrate
/cast Conflagrate
/cast Chaos Bolt
/cast Chaos Bolt
/cast Incinerate
/castsequence reset=target/combat Incinerate, Immolate, Incinerate, Incinerate, Conflagrate, Incinerate
/cast Chaos Bolt
/castsequence reset=target/combat Incinerate, Incinerate, Incinerate, Incinerate
/cast Chaos Bolt
/cast Immolate
/cast Conflagrate
/cast Conflagrate
/cast Dark Soul: Instability
/castsequence [@cursor,combat] reset=combat/target Summon Infernal

Lastly in Premacro, Added /cast Havoc
/castsequence [@cursor,combat] reset=combat/target Summon Infernal, Immolate
/cast Dark Soul: Instability
/cast Havoc
/cast Conflagrate
/cast Conflagrate
/castsequence reset=combat Incinerate, Immolate

@nukester I am going to try this out, thank you for the awesome work!

So I did and was seeing 4.7K on training dummy @ 10 minutes. Great work!


You are a life saver. I had all but given up being able to use a macro with my warlock. I just couldn’t get the damage I’ve seen others reproduce. I’m looking at a few more little tweaks, but the time you took to do the sequence was the key to everything. Nicely done!!

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Hello again @RedMizt .

I’ve tried your macro , and let me tell you something brother ( hulk hogan voice ) !

THIS MACRO IS BONKERS, absolutely TOP DPS wohooo :crazy_face:

I see you are enjoyin creating macros, keep it up!


Thank you everyone, again a lot of this is from the foundation builders, so much of the credit does go to them. One tweak I am looking to make, is ensuring that Immolate has max up-time. I have noticed a few drop-offs. Any recommendations on correcting would greatly be appreciated. I would almost rather it cast a bit too much vs dropping off target, but so far my edits have resulted in it being way over cast. So many other spells are impacted by Immolate, I have noticed, when it comes to DPS.

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What speed are you running this?

I am using Logitech G13 @ 117 ms

I’m using a Corsair k100RGB programmable Keyboard @ 110ms. my latency to the world server varies to around 85ms, so it needs to be above that.

Thanks guys, defo the best destro macro ive tried only one issue sometimes it casts immolation a bit too much?

Hi, thanks for the macro super works maybe and the AOE macro you have? plz no mod macro:)
Thank you

Can you give any more information about this?
What ilvl?


can you please export it ? I cant use rain on fire with shift.

This is a Single Target Macro, there is no AoE version at this time.