Shadowlands BETA

Is it possible to run GSE in the Shadowlands Beta? Cant see the addons button.

Yes, it is.

Download from usual sites

Last version is 2.6.01-beta3-4-g6319dce @TimothyLuke


That version that Lloskka linked won’t work with shadowlands. For Shadowlands or PTR you need the one explicitly marked Shadowlands.

The one Lloskka liked is a test build of the changes coming for shadowlands that can run in Classic or BFA.

In the All Files list you are looking for 2.6.01-beta2-shadowlands

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oh apologies Maybe something is missing

tried the versión and so far worked flawless

dunno hehe Maybe unzip on to an al ready folder


It’s all about the Libraries. If you have other Ace3 mods then those versions of the libraries will overwrite. If you don’t then you will get the same errors that you would for installing the BFA client on Shadowlands.

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Current working version is 2.6.01-beta4-shadowlands