Shadowlands M+ Performance

Any of you guys have been able to actively run a macro with consistent good results in M+? I am asking because I find our breadth of macros on the site very inconsistent. Some classes have no good macros, some of great leveling macros but nothing that works at higher level with Covenant etc… and some have macros that pull really bad DPS (ie they are fine for world quests but not competitive). I find it strange because in BFA I have been able to run GSE macros at pretty high-end levels (20-25+ keys) but shadowlands it seems I struggle to find a good macro (across all classes - I will play a class with a GSE macro that performs well, rather than trying to find the right macro for the class I wanna play).

Please share your experience!

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I feel the exact same way.

My experience has always been to build your own macro and test it loads. As sometimes your gear/stats can affect how a macro works

I use my own for my pally holy and ret and my DH DPS

I do however use MMA for my DK but am new to the class and not going to focus on it till I get it to 60

I have only done upto +11 healing using GSE, but not a big fan of Mythics, just doing them to get vault gear atm


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Depends on the macro - GIGO -Garbafe in, Garbage Out. If you are not prepared to tune the macro for how you play, your gear and talents you’ll have mediocre results at best.

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