Shanus's Demo 8.3 Updated 7/31/2020

i dont have the right gear to test this to see the real dmg numbers im not all that into simming but this is just the first update of the demo 8.3 new talents i went off of wowhead for talents best to use for raiding so let me know guys how this is performing and ill do some more tweaks and make it better :slight_smile:


Usage Information
Hold Shift to cast Demonbolt when it procs
Hold Alt to Summon Demonic Tyrant
Demonology Macro for Single Target and AoE.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.11.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Summon Wrathguard, Threatening Presence, Demonic Strength

KeyPress: Summon Demonic Tyrant, Demonbolt

Main Sequence: Shadow Bolt, Hand of Gul’dan, Soul Strike, Call Dreadstalkers

KeyRelease: Demonbolt, Axe Toss


What MS speed?

using AKH

sorry i dont use ahk but ive seen ppl use like 10 above or below there ingame ms speed

Ingame ms +10 is a good spot

Running 50MS On Steelseries app…
Macro works great! Solid damage, hitting dead on with my sims 20k–Burst of 50-80k
Love the group threat you have going on here, nice addition! Is there anyway to have Doom cast ONLY when the debuff is down after initial casting? I currently have it on a modifier but was curious if this was something that could be done.

i would have to write a extra rotation that times it down to a certain point basically like adding /castsequence Doom, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, then go from there or something similar to time it from when its casted and falls off.


This macro is pretty awesome. I haven’t played my Warlock since WoD so this macro is a pure blessing to me. Only thing I’m trying to figure out right now is why I don’t have the Wrathguard to summon. In fact, I can’t figure out why it’s not summoning a pet at all. I edited the line to be a Summon Felguard, and it still does nothing :frowning:

Tossed a Follow on Twitch cause, well, its the least I can do :slight_smile:

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Glyph of Wrathguard
Back in the day we had, Fel Imp, Shivara, VoidLord, and Wrathguard.
Since we don’t have grimoire of supremacy anymore to turn our demons into badasses, Blizz gave us Glyphs so we could have the old models back.

Once you change your Felguard over to a Wrathguard, you have to update your macros.


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OK I don’t fully understand what you mean by “update your macros” but I got the wrathguard glyph on the felguard and used it but it still won’t summon it. I deleted the entire macro and reimported it and still no luck. I can manually summon the wrathguard but if he dies he just stays dead. I checked my DPS with the wrathguard and I was running a constant 2745 dps but when I use the voidwalker I get 3775! I am only level 116 so maybe that makes a difference in the dps ranges but still can’t get it to autosummon the wrathguard.

@paladin62 The update @Tamorand is speaking of, is in the macro, there should be a place where it says “/cast Summon Felguard” or something similar. Since your Felguard is no longer a Felgard, but a Wrathguard, you have to go edit the macro and change the name “Felguard” to Wrathguard in that cast sequence… so it would look like this “/cast Summon Wrathguard”

@ E20100 It already said that in the macro. I copied it straight from the Premacro section again and pasted below.

/cast [nopet, dead] Summon Wrathguard
/petautocastoff [group] Threatening Presence
/petautocaston [nogroup] Threatening Presence

It still fails to summon or to recast when it dies. I didn’t change ANYTHING from the original Macro. I don’t know why it seems to be working for everyone else except me. On my hunter this is in the Keypress section. Edit. I just tried that and no change. It just seems to skip it no matter what like it is invalid. Weird part is if I change it to Voidwalker it works.

interested in trying this has anyone done any updates or further tweaks to it that they wouldn’t mind sharing

what would cause my abiliys to randomly quit working while using macros? i cant even cast abilitys out of the spell book, but as soon as i relog it works again?

If there is a line in the macro to use your Neck Essence and you dont have that ability yet it will occasionally lock up the macro like that. Its strange because it doesnt seem to do it with every char I have leveled but some.

No matter what i do this macro will not summon Felguard, i changed the wrathguard in the macro to fel and can summon on a different key but not in the macro itself

/cast [nopet, dead] [Summon Felguard]
/petautocastoff [group] Threatening Presence
/petautocaston [nogroup] Threatening Presence

is what my PreMacro looks like

But when i hit my macro key all it does is start the rotation

Hi. Perhaps you allready figured this out but you have done it wrong.
It should look like this: /cast [nopet, dead] Summon Felguard

Hey all sorry i havnt been on to update my macros im trying to catch up on all things wow and ill try and update these as soon as i can . and thanks for everything ill look at all the comments and take into consideration. :slight_smile:

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Heyas shanus good to see you back!!!

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hope someone can figure out how to make the perfect lazy demo macro fo 8.3 xD

ill give it a go soon just been catching up from a long break of wow :slight_smile: