Shift dont work

Cant get Shift to work at all in any macros.
Anyone that now what it can be

Hey @Gadgari_2113,

Were you able to figure out the issue?

I heard people had luck by looking into the action bars being locked or clearing the key binds under the GSE settings.

There might be a few more things to check that I can’t remember at the moment.

It can even be an addon that has Shift set to something within it. Try disabling all the addons besides the GSE to test it. If Shift works then you know its one of the other addons having the shift set to something.

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I had run into this issue for macros using [mod] in the variables section like in a KeyDown vari. The way I ‘solved’ the problem is by putting the macro on both slots on my action bars. To be clear what I mean is that I put the macro on no mod hotkeyed actionbar slot (mousewheel up+down personally) then placed the same macro on another action bar slot with the same keybind + the desired mod (so alt+mwUP, alt+mwDWN are also bound and filled on my action bars, though this could all be done on a hidden bar I think).
If you don’t want to do all that, maybe try making sure u have that keybind+[mod] UNBOUND in your ui.

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