Should I play retail?

I haven’t played SL because my computer needed too many upgrades and now I see I’m having issues with drivers on TBC! …I used to love retail macros and the play of the game with BFA and I’m wondering is Shadowlands worth upgrading my gaming computer or is it a waste of money and time?

you guys still having fun in retail?

ello m8 .
about me nope i not have fun in SL cuz its same mythic + then raid and new patch with same ipgread item with mythic + so nothing new im just playing now classic its more fun like old days good luck m8

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SL is a good expansion and interested to play, like the Bastion Story line best. There is 4 good stories to play through so worth the upgrade. Only problem at the moment, is it seems too long between current raid and next. Most ppl are just in a waiting phase. But there is lots to do especially if you like torgast

Give it ago, if your gaming comp cant play wow then what can it play :slight_smile:

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Nah, really.

Immo the best interesting is the venthyr ( revendreth ) and all the shit Sire Denathrius did.

It altered everything for a FINAL purpose hehe


Shadowlands was WOW’s last chance for me to redeem themselves. I have been playing since BC, and over the years the xpacs have not been what i was hoping for. But I have to admit SL is a good xpac. They came close to losing a customer forever if SL wasn’t good. But I like it. I do agree with a previous poster that the time between more content coming out is a long wait. But I would prefer to wait some extra time for a better product than it being slapped together and it being crap. Because Blizz has done that in the past.

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In all honesty, I have been playing since Vanilla and it’s like any other expansion.
I don’t get how people can do the same 4 dungeons over and over. Rep is easier to get than any other expansion but apart from that I just farm mounts pets. Every week rinse repeat world quests mount farm the ones that never drop lol. Ohh and there is no community its run things as fast as you can and move on.

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it can play Classic , but I’m a bit disgruntled as its becoming dated and needs driver updates for TBC

I use an Asus G75V with GEFORCE GTX 660M 2GB, its an old girl but I guess I should spend some money and upgrade , its just that the upgrades are a pile of money right now with GPU’s through the roof

If you can get parts! better off buying a new computer be cheaper

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Yeah I’m looking now, my addiction is strong and I’m an old semi retired guy …just cheap lol

Lol im 2 years older than you.

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I don’t feel so bad now :smiley: , over 55 and playing warcraft is just a good stress reliever