Showing me spells for havoc but im vengeance specc`d

showing me spells for havoc but im vengeance specc`d

i cant modify the macro if i cant see the correct spell

the corresponding spell dont work me and my head :wink:

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So, you’re using a Havoc macro for Vengeance spec…
Maybe the macro is for Havoc.
If it’s not your macro and can’t edit it try asking the OP to change it that it can be edited.

Hello I also have the same problem I use my macro for DH Revenge but the macro also changes me for the extermination of some spels I will repeat once again I wrote the macro myself and before the update it worked well for me now it does not work correctly

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The macro is not for havoc but vengeance
It just shows the abilities for havoc, the macro works but it displays the names for havoc spec

Can confirm all of my Vengance ones are showing Havoc as well.