Shysters Tryin' ta "Copyright" Macros Made in GSE

You’re crazy if you think that your macro can be “copyrighted;” there is no legal framework nor macro code that supports this globally or in merely one country.

If anything, only the addon creator(s) can do this, but a macro written on said addon?

You DO realize that you are suggesting that the equivalent is creating a spreadsheet or a .doc file in a MS Office product and then trying to copyright/monetize it? That only works when a series of documents (such as a book) is PUBLISHED with relevant governing body (APA, Library of Congress ISDN, etc.); so just who do you think “governs” your macro made in someone’s addon?

Do you realize how silly (stupid) this all sounds? ESPECIALLY once Blizz catches wind of someone making side money on their product and their legion of lawyers catch up to you.

If you don’t want someone else to nick your macro (which, is to be expected) DON’T POST IT!

Get rid of this special brand of toxicity now. Its bad for the community.

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This isn’t about copyright.

It’s about respect. If this community no longer has respect for someone’s time and the effort it takes to create something and thinks it’s ok to just steal the result of their time because they by some stupid reason of entitlement feel it’s their right then I am done with it.

If someone creates something and shares it under restrictions, you have a choice to use it or not. Breaking those restrictions and deliberately taunting that person publicly means you no longer have respect for any author.

Copyright may work differently in different countries. Where I am the act of publishing (irrespective of how that publishing happens or the form it takes) grants rights. You don’t explicitly surrender those rights because however if you don’t actively defend those rights you do surrender those rights.

Blizzard’s has no restriction on monetization. Its requirement is that moneyization has to be optional and not advertised in game.


Its unenforceable. There is no “professional macro writers” market.

Meaning, the point is moot and only serves to turn people off.

And, it is about copyright; did I not post the OP?

There actually is. This community isn’t the largest or the most used GSE community. Its just the oldest and the least capable.

This is what Google Bard/Gemini had to say about the issue; while I am not an attorney, this was a quick and comprehensive response:


“Is there a legal precedent and/or law in the United States for someone writing a macro in the GSE addon for WoW and subsequently copyrighting that macro? Would it go against Blizzard’s ToS–particularly when it comes to RMT, gifts-in-kind, or some other sort of valuation?”

Google Bard/Gemini:

Whether a WoW macro written in the GSE addon can be copyrighted and its relation to Blizzard’s ToS remains complex and nuanced. Here’s a breakdown:

Copyrighting a Macro:

  • Legal Precedent: There’s no direct legal precedent for copyrighting a WoW macro. Copyright protects original creative works, and simple macros might not meet this threshold. However, highly complex macros with unique logic, sequencing, or creative use of GSE features could potentially qualify.

  • Blizzard’s ToS: Blizzard’s ToS section 1.C specifically states that mods and macros “may not be copyrighted or trademarked”. This casts doubt on the validity of copyrighting WoW macros.

Trading a Macro:

  • Blizzard’s ToS: Section 3.D.ii prohibits “selling, buying, or trading in-game items or currencies for real-world money or other goods or services”. This bans RMT (real-money trading) for macros.

  • Gift-in-Kind: This is less clear. If a macro is “gifted” without direct monetary exchange, it might skirt the RMT rule. However, Blizzard could still consider it an attempt to circumvent the ToS, depending on the context.

  • Other Valuations: Similar to gifts-in-kind, trading a macro for in-game items or services could still be considered a violation if it’s seen as an attempt to gain an unfair advantage or bypass the ToS.


While the legal waters surrounding macro copyright are murky, Blizzard’s ToS explicitly prohibits copyrighting and trading macros for real-world value. Attempting to do so could lead to account action. It’s best to avoid claiming copyright or trading macros for anything of value and to operate within the boundaries of Blizzard’s ToS.

Additional Notes:

  • Consulting with an intellectual property attorney for specific legal advice is always recommended before attempting to copyright or trade WoW macros.

  • Even if a macro technically qualifies for copyright, enforcing that right against other players might be difficult and impractical.

  • Remember, Blizzard has the ultimate authority over what’s allowed in their game, and their ToS supersedes any potential copyright claims.

Caveat Emptor.

Gaupanda is using capabilities and functions built into GSE within the manner that they were intended. Totally while morally may have an argument, is not presenting it in a way that is constructive but is attempting to built an author. This is not the only author that publishes I. This way. Therefore Titally is forcing me into a particular course of action and I can do this all day.

The functions in question were added in 2018 and been in use for the last 5 years to varying degrees. Add readonly and non export flags for Macro Plugin Authors · Issue #387 · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler · GitHub

If you re-import the same Macro it will show you the output of the Macro in the “would you like to overwrite window” you can then copy it to Notepad and modify the JSON and viola, or just modify the GSE Lua a bit… Point being, its not really secured… I want to be able to swap out an ability here and there in his/her macro, thats all. Like if they require Jadefire Stomp… I want to disable that line during AoE.

Everyone respects their time anyways… Most of us dont want to hit a dummy for 5hrs and try different sequences.

I don’t want to have to deal with this entitled whinennial snowflake bullshit that someone didn’t get me a pony 5 hours a day either. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. A decent macro takes about 200 to 400 hours to write. My heart breaks that you had to spend 5 hours to test a few things.

If you don’t like their macro and can’t change it don’t use it. It’s not rocket science. If you want me to care about your view point, spend the time to write something.


All I was saying that nothing is really protected. GSE is open source. You can modify 1 if statement in the .lua or you can decode the import string. I think even if you re-import the Macro over the same named Macro it may show you the decoded version before overwrite.

I wasnt complaining, I could care less :slight_smile:

As far as people protecting their macro, I could care less, just an observation for Authors to just stop making it difficult for no particular reason. If you want it protected maybe write some obfuscated Lua Addon that acts as a Macro and needs to be manually installed with cryptography Lua libs.

On that note I think what you’ve created is brilliant! I wonder if we could ever show Macros in-game to pull from a API Endpoint (Macro Repository), does Blizzard allow that, easily Load other peoples Macros that have been Published.

It is in turn, quite easy to actually have a bit of common sense and decency to have respect for people who put in the time to make these. It is why a lot of us have stopped posting here because of shitters. Honestly, if there was another community to post in, I’d of left here a long time ago.


Same! I’ve tried to post macro’s, but the crybaby snowflakes bitch and moan without putting in any effort or offer any constructive criticism.

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so sadly, because of the whiners, I sit over here in my corner for hours and struggle to make a single line change work to suit my playstyle/disability…:frowning:
I’m truly an amateur.

I don’t complain, and I don’t pester; I’m just glad to have access to the macros that are posted here, but if anyone has a website with more macros, just send me a message here, and I’d be happy to join your discussion

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I think this is the whole argument at large. We all started for you and ourselves when in your position and somewhere along the line a handful of us have turned into dicks about it and others are open the flood gates. I will always give mine away because it ultimately doesn’t matter and the crybabies just ruin everything. I wouldn’t be apposed to a multi level access. like basic rotation macros and advanced ones like it used to be. the advanced one for more serious creators and enthusiast and under terms.

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