Silly question, but I need to ask it anyway

I’m finally getting around to leveling my blood DK, or at least that’s what she’s gonna be. Any of these macros decent for leveling? I"ve tried a few, but it feels like they heavily rely on talents I don’t have yet, which i understa. They’re for end game stuff like dungeons, raid, keys, WQs, etc. Not really for leveling. I’m only level 25 ritght now. Any help with a blood rotation thing that works for 25 and up?

From 50-60 definitely Lutechis’s. If there’s a Talent in a macro not taken or known that macro will skip that line and continue on with the rest of the rotation.

Notice if you’re keeping aggro on mobs and if you are and feel comfortable about it try a Dungeon or two.

Overall, I wouldn’t really worry about it as gear drops and your levels go up fairly quickly anyways.

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Elfs or john metz is pretty good for under 50 in latest patch , just leveled one myself last week, disable the blocks for the spells you don’t have. There was an author named scarrylarry which had some great macros for leveling and easy to tweak, but some issue happened and pulled all of his macros as well. Lutchesi’s is a great starter point, and he literally makes them for all classes, which once you figure out what works best on rotation, his are pretty clear , and you can make your own and submit it. Don’t be shy, most ppl here will figure out what you are trying to do and help tweak it, also once you get to 50 , try out the others , leveling is the time to learn the mechanics , and seeing how they approach the mechanics gives you a better insight to making your own. I spend possibly as much time at a target dummy as actually playing, but in junk gear I still out dps, and tank better than the geared ppl. I solo tanked a world boss with no help the other night on a bet in level 200 auction house gear, after 15 minutes, the guild decided to down it as dk blood dps is slightly misrepresented in the brochure, even the druid bears were laughing. As a side note, posting a macro there is always someone who says “it’s junk, don’t work, you didn’t make it easy enough to use for a person with the mental fortitude of a potato”, etc, etc - ignore them, there are far more ppl who don’t respond that will greatly benefit by your macro. As a side note, Thanks to all the contributors that weren’t mentioned, as anyone who spends time writing macros, knows there is a lot of work to it, and keep up the good work!


Yeah, iv’e used Lutechi’s stuff for a long time. I’ve ventured into using other macros as Lutechi doesn’t get teh “best” dps, but it gets the job done. Elfyau has some great stuff too. I’ve got his/her addons from twitch, I think it is. I tried making my own macro, but I have no clue how to do it. I used the macro recorder, but TimothyLuke said I did/didn’t do something. I forget the conversation we had a few days ago. I basically recorded every button press, but it didn’t come out like a macro. I just came out as a bunch of button presses. So, I have to somehow format it into a macro, with blocks and all that, and I have no idea how to do that. I just took someone else’s macro and basically Frankensteined it to death. Also, yes, I do what you mentioned. I take one of the macros and click the disable box for any spells I don’t have yet. My only REAL concern about the whole thing is using AHK. I have two accounts, and one has already been banned twice for using Logitech software for “clicking”. My health issues force me to need that type of thing, so I’m always afraid that I’m gonna get hit again and be permabanned.

Perhaps you got banned for using logitech software is that you had set the cast speed to high. try lowering it to 200 ms or 250 ms.
I’ve been using macro keys on my mech keyboard for years and still no ban. (I also have to use it to be able to play a bit better due to problems with my hands.)

About the authors mentioned. I use them to, atm. mainly Elfyau’s for my blood dk.
But they are all good imho.