Silver Storm 8.3

This is my own work. I’ve been grinding this macro out for months. Your all going to laugh on it’s simplicity.

For those that need to use sundering. You will need to add it in under Crash Lightning.
However, adding things into this macro could hinder it’s ability to work correctly.


Usage Information
Run at 50ms
Mod:Shift Frostbrand, Flametongue.
Mod:Alt Earth Elemental

This macro will work for any Talent configuration. However, if you use “HotHands with the Searing” talents then you will need to move Lava Lash in the macro to be right under Stormstrike for it to fire its procs.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.11.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Feral Spirit

KeyPress: Earth Elemental, Frostbrand, Flametongue

Main Sequence: Rockbiter, Heart Essence, Stormstrike, Crash Lightning, Lava Lash

KeyRelease: Stormstrike, Crash Lightning, Rockbiter

Post Macro: Stormstrike, Crash Lightning, Feral Spirit

My current talent set up: 3212111

My Essences that I use:

Hi there, I did some testing with your macro and here is what I’ve come to find. Firstly, it is a very smooth running macro. No hiccups, or lock ups whatsoever. One of the smoothest ones currently in the enhanced section IMO. Also very consistent, my damage was consistent thruout multiple parses, and different situations. Ramped up quickly, stabilized for some good solid numbers.
Some of the negatives I found is that you are down on Stormstrikes. After a few of my parses I noticed we were down on average of about 8 - 11 Stormstrikes. That would very well be that im severely undergeard, or that I just dont have the base stats to make this macro work to its fullest capability. I did see on the Discord, that your Shaman was pretty beefy, so it may fall to that. Secondly you are absolutely correct, adding sundering in the macro did not bode well. Many times the skill was skipped multiple times over. But anyone who does enhance macros I’m sure is well aware of that. A surprising thing I notice in comparison to other macros in this section, is that you never really get Maelstrom starved. I’m assuming its due to the fact that the macro is not spamming Frostbrand and that its left in your own hands to do so. I think this macro would be a nice candidate for fury of air. I may do some more testing and let you know what I find. But after using the macro is visions and a few heroic dungeons, it does fairly well. If anything I would try to see if you can coax a few more Stormstrikes out of it.

2 minute sim

2 minute parse

Stormstrike usage

As you see the Stormstrikes are kind of lacking. After 2 minutes we were down 12 in this particular parse. That number only grows the longer we are in combat. A 4 minute parse gave us 67 used Stormstrikes, vs the sim using 89. Outside of the Stormstrike issue, I think the macro works very well in its simplicity, and Maelstrom usage.
I am also including a weak aura for flametongue/frost brand timers. Made life so much simpler to track those vs looking thru the many buffs on my list, lol.

Thank you for your time and effort!

I would personally like thank you for the extensive tests that you did on my macro. I will take a closer look… and hopefully have a edited version to post here soon.

You should absolute never use Crash Lightning on a simple macro rotation.

IT overwhelms the procs of stormbringer / stormstrike.

With a macro of mine, im parsing 110-113% dps.

I’d love to see the resolution you used for Crash Lightning. I tinkered with the macro for a little, and found it quite the opposite. I overloaded with Crash Lightning almost doubling its output compared to the normal parse and was finally able to achieve over 100% dps pretty consistently.
Then again, I’m still a baby Shaman with lack luster gear, lol. Still interested in seeing your work though!

U can not do more % then 100% of your parse. Otherwise u do not sim correct. Or u habe breath of the dying still on a 1% HP dummy.

no i dont, and still doing around 10-13% more than various sims

Maybe it has to do with having proper talents and proper macros ( using 3 way macro atm )

Well… took a modified version of my macro into a mythic nya raid tonight… it did… well… so… so… im still working on… a solid solution however, so far I’m experiencing huge dps dumps… hopefully by the end of the week… ill have a stronger more fluid macro for you all. I will say that the current macro works as intended… but found it best in mythic dungeons… and PvP

Every-time I try to import this macro, GS will not let me move the macro icon to my action bar. I have ensured that GS is updated. Help?

I didn’t have a free macro slot on the macro menu. My bad :frowning:

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