Simple Frost DK Rotation with T9 bonus more blood strike to proc

I made this script from Black Ice (credit due @sargis), I just wanted to tell script shut up and DO IT execute the Obliterate/Frost Strike and I have T9 4 piece bonus needed to use Blood Strike often chance to proc more STR buff.

Press Shift = Howling Blast when proc RIME

Manual press Unbreakable armor with blood tap macro after you dotted mob (IT>PS>press UA macro)

I run this script at 250 MS key repeater using my Logitech g502

#showtooltip Unbreakable Armor
/cast Unbreakable Armor
/cast Blood Tap

Please test this for me and post your warcraftlog or dps meter whatever.


Updated: 11/12/2023 - added Rune Strike for tanking + still tweaking more on tank side.

Here ran Gamma dungeon Nexus. Details! dps meter under my DK deafanubis toon

Last boss in Gamma Dungeon boss Keristrasza

Overrall meter -

Decent dps meter spikes like crazy

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Make sure under key ones in wow you remove all of the shift and ctrl key binds from targeting and action bar. It will interfere with mod shift and mod ctrl from gse. Secondly under options in gse I think and in options in game turn off character saying I can’t do that or something along those lines.

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Roger that, I already rid the mod:ctrl since It seems got 100% uptime on DoT so no need CTRL except one of your Howling Blast with mod:shift working charm.

Why is the macro button appear to be greyed out the entire time but it seems its still casting the actions? I am new to this, so I could be doing something wrong!


Please see my above comment and i’m also curious how can I get rid of Rune Strike? I have no desire to tank as a frost DK.


You can just delete the /cast Rune Strike, for grey macro probably cause missed spell in your spell book but first of all, is your DK 80lvl? and for low level DK probably doesnt have the spell cause greyed macro button or new version of GSE addon affected on macro button become greyed.

However i will check and examine my Frost DK tonight. I am at work atm and will let you know soon as i can.

ya, im lvl 80, full tier 10.


Alright, I just got home, going to run test now and will let you know the status of the test.


I ran test and it runs like charm, no greyed macro button and everything up to date all addons. I just delete the Rune Strike line off on Pre and Post then saved. Ran and killing mobs like bossing and owned.

It has do with your side client. It may be you didnt update GSE or some addons. I used Curseforge client for auto update addons if there new version. I runs on ElvUI + Weak Aura + GSE + BigWigs + Details and Questie addons. FYI

not sure, all my addons are updated and I use curseforge…can’t be the client. I see there is something in your script that says “null” and is in red.

I don’t know how to edit these macros, so i’m not going to remove anything if I don’t know what repercussions could be had.


GSE troubleshoot tab

In GSE’s Options there is a troubleshooting tab now. If your macro is cycling you have the following choices BUT you need to decide if using keyup or keydown.

Update Macro Stubs - This will reset your macro stubs in /macro to the KeyDown state they need to be. If using KeyUp - you will need to modify these stubs manually.
Toggle the ActionButtonUseKeyDown CVar
You can now also FORCE GSE to reset to a particular mode of either KeyUp or KeyDown

Lastly, All i can think of, go /gse then delete macro and go WoW UI /macro and make sure the gse’s create macro and delete it then copy the string from here and import the string and click import to create macro. then drag the icon to your actionbar. Try this one to see if it works for you.


Are you able to just remove the Runestrike and copy the new import code? I don’t know how many frost DKs are trying to tank anyway since its DPS mostly. Other than that, I am actually impressed with the macro…it is giving me way more DPS than other one click macros I’ve found on youtube or elsewhere.


Ok, after i finish my work, ill make a script for you that will remove the rune strike.

Great! Thank you very much.


Without Rune Strike, Here the GSE script for just you.


Thank a lot for the assistance!