Since Scary Larry left, I can't seem to find anything built around tehse two legendaries

Since I am awake at all hours of hte night with severe and extreme insomnia, my brain and eyes don’t always work very well with each other, so it’s highly possible that I may have missed a macro or two that actually do work with the legendaries I’ve posted a picture of. If anyone has made a macro that is made for either of these legendaries, please, let me know because Scary Larry had one made around the Windspeaker’s Lava Resurgence legendary, but it’s gone now.

I switched to BAM for single target, it’s been firing well (I’m just doing heroic SoD).

I’ve found there is zero need for a AOE macro. It’s three buttons:

  • Chain Lightning
  • Earthquake
  • Earth Shock

Use this Weak Aura; it will plainly show you what you should be hitting:

I found this video to be very helpful:

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Yea…I have both legedaries as well and what I was using is no longer viable. So searching for replacements. But I raid twice a week, rarely do Mythics, do a lot of open world running around as well as multiple Torghasts since they changed and added in knowledge.

Still cannot find anything to help me out in Raid environment. I am hoping someone in this community has something to offer regarding raiding setup.