Skinning + Looting

I have two questions im not sure if this is right place to post but i can’t find anywhere better to post it so here goes.

Q1 how would i put /cast skinning into my rotation so that once i loot mobs it automatically casts skinning on the mobs, ive tried just adding /cast skinning in my rotation but it doesnt seem to do anything.

Q2 is there a /cast to so that when i use my main dps rotation it auto loots the mobs as i kill them since im leveling up a hunter at the moment its near impossible to keep up looting with the amount of mobs im killing.

auto loots is in your wow setting

1, you can set a key for Interact with target to skin the mob you target (maybe use this with /targetlasttarget)
2, you can teach your pet the spell Fetch, so it will loot for you:

yeah you can use interact with target + target last enemy 2 different keybinds needed since its 2 different actions, 3 if you add skinning to the mix and the mob had loot.

Do you have any skinning+looting marco? I’m trying to use /cast [@mouseover,dead] Skinning < this marco didn’t work.

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