Sl 9.2 m+ uhdk-nf 1-1-3-3-3-3-3

My first real try on a macro ever so be gentle, i need to learn this so fair feedback is wanted.
this is built on my toon Bæinhard
to @John-Metz : Hope its allright i started out using your #UHSL_9.0 macro tab 1.
Talents are: 1133333
I did 5 minutes on target dummy in orgrimmar, and it stopped on 6,4. no army used.
i will go some low M+ and get back to how i behaves.
i have used icy and methods guides for help.
Defile and Unholy assault used for death due uptime.
Festering wounds are no longer a issue. it keeps between 3-6.

edit: 042422 13:15: did put in a new action block:

/castsequence [nomod] reset=combat Death Coil, Festering Strike, Death Coil, Outbreak, Epidemic
running @ 250ms , tried 275 and 265, but feels like 250 is the smoothspot.
my ilv 254, ( unity belt and monstrosity legs 291)
crit: 19
haste: 26
Mastery: 49
vers: 9



Talents: 1133333

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.61.

what ms do you use for this macro?

wups… im starting at 275, then ill try to adjust some

cant wait to try it.

no i don’t mind in fact i enough people taking what I develop and push it further.
my question is though are the org dummies accurate for testing I personally test on the covenant ones as they are current level.

not sure what you mean by stopped on 6,4.?

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ups… weeel… you know… lazy fingers and tired eyes… i ment average 6.4k dps. on the dummies.
i will try a low key m+ and see how it behaves. so far runes are not an issue, and festering stacks up … fast… almost to fast… might wanna pop a death coil or epidemic in somewhere.

Well i want to say i am quite happy with this macro. i am only 227, but it feels like it work great. putting out numbers i am happy with at the moment. great job @pitbullberg

thanks :slight_smile: . its nowhere near perfect, but its something. ill see if i can get it going better, but dont think ill put the mayor cd’s in there as i like to use them manually

It seems to be working fine sometime it lacks the cast of Outbreak so it keep spamming No viable targets, But keep up the good work. it works for me as 252 NF 7-10k single target and 20-60k bigger Aoe packs :wink:

ill try to update later, but when ur old as i am, havving older parents demanding time… you know the rest… the macro is up for grabs, so go ahead and tweak :slight_smile:

Thank you for putting this out. i try to always say this to people that want creators to make changes to fit their playstyle instead of doing it themselves.

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He hel. im 48… have dyslexia and trouble with me hand so this macro works perfect for me. dont care for Hc raid or so just a few keys and having a good time with friends

same problem here. i smashed my left wrist to pieces 10 years ago, and i have zero pronation in the wrist( stiff wrist) so i to do need a mouse button smasher macro to play… :slight_smile: thats why i use it

I have a problem where this and a few other Macros I have tried for DK only show the “?” icon when rotating through most abilities. Is this something I am doing wrong or something I need to change in the macro or GSE?

nah.,… you can use show tooltip, but that would be static, not sure how that thingy works