SL Low Level Macro Help

My wife is really struggling to learn how to play WoW.
I let her try it a few months ago but at the time she didn’t have her glasses so she was literally struggling to see the game at all.
Now she has a new gaming laptop and her glasses and she has been playing for 2 days leveling a mage by herself. But no matter how many times I show her which abilities do what she gets in to combat with more than 1 target and gets confused / overwhelmed and forgets what to push lol.

I’m looking for some help to create low level frost or arcane (whichever is best) macros for her for ST or AoE preferably both. She is only lvl 13 atm so is limited on skills. I know there are end game macros but I’m unsure how well those would work.

Here’s what I would do:

I would have a look at the macros that are automated as much as possible, Lutechi has great macros that use ALL of the talents and are not too hard on a new player starting.

With a low level toon, open the macro and disable any blocks that you don’t have the ability to use yet, or even create a different version and edit it to your liking, test it out yourself and get her to try it.

I find mage a bit proc dependent and therefore can be confusing to time perfectly to maximize dps as a new player.

I always gravitate to some classes that are smoother rotationally like BM hunters or Havoc DH