SL MM 1 Button God



Talents: 1112212

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.31.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Kill Shot, Rapid Fire

KeyPress: Multi-Shot, Counter Shot,Steady Shot

Main Sequence: Arcane Shot, Aimed Shot

Post Macro: Kill Shot, Rapid Fire

Press SHIFT to fill your focus every now and then.
Press CTRL for interrupt
Press ALT for aoe

Make separate button/macro for Trueshot, or make macro for Trueshot + Double Tap if you want to use it. I don’t like to macro Double Tap into this macro because Double Tap’s value is from Rapid Fire, not Aimed Shot (2 instant aimed shots = you lose out on charged arcane shots and its less dps overall anyway) and I don’t like to use Trueshot inside macro because I don’t want it to trigger randomly at wrong phases/moments, making it on cooldown when Id actually need it.

The extra, non-charged arcane shot every now and then is on purpose. Arcane shot does more damage than Steady Shot anyway and it’s main point is to proc Lethal Shots more often, for more consistent uptime.

This sims 1:1 with my hunter, as it does all the priority shit when it has focus and if you are out of focus you press shift for couple of steady shots. In Raid/M+/PvP you would hold shift when moving/dodging mechanics, then release shift for full burst dps, then press shift again while moving.

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I like the info in this - ill give it a go :slight_smile: thanks!

Forgot to mention, the macro repeat MS can be touchy. I tried a LOT of different sequences/methods before I settled on this one. I had one macro that could sim 90% of my raidbot dps that did Steady Shots automatically as filler when needed, but it would often not perform well during Trueshot, which is the main problem for most “Steady Shot” included macros imo.

After all night of testing and playing around, I find this macro work for ME with 110ms (20ms button down, 90ms after button release delay in Logitech mouse software).

I’d suggest minimum of 100ms, so you have time to lift your finger off Shift when you don’t want more steadyshots, because the quicker the macro repeats, the more sensitive it is, so adding an extra Steady Shot would become involuntary in such case.

How can i make the macro run automatic ?, i always spam one button

AutoHotKey OR Mouse/Keyboard software.

Any ideal why I can’t drag the macro icon to my hot bar?

Try to press the “create icon” button within GSE

That was it , Thanks!

I have a noob question. I have this set up for aimed shot to be the first attack into combat. But for some reason I am firing 1 auto shot off before aimed shot starts charging, which makes mobs start attacking before I can start aimed shot. Would this maybe be a MS issue or is this common?

vorexij130 John Doe would say,

Remove /startattack from pre-macro

What Lutechi said.
/startattack ONLY applies to melee NOT ranged.

I tested different methods to prevent this, but it does seem that no matter what, any macro made with GSE starts auto-attacking as soon as it acquires target.

Workaround would be to have aimed shot on separate button to initiate combat with and then just keep spamming macro?

Edit: It’s possible to change the LUA script for GSE to prevent macro from running attack before sequence / cast initiates, but that would be reset with every update.

Edit: It’s possible to change the LUA script for GSE to prevent macro from running attack before sequence / cast initiates, but that would be reset with every update.

That would be a question for @TimothyLuke.

Auto attack happens as soon as you use an ability on a target. That’s a WoW thing not a GSE thing. Been like that for a very long time.

Your macro is not running the attack but your abilities are. This isnt some thing that GSE can change.

Ok gotcha. Thanks for the help.

When you start with Aimed Shot on separate button, you won’t engage with autoattack though!