Snek_Prot M+ High DPS/High Keys 9.2 [GSE3] 4/25/2022

This macro is primarily created for running high keys while also being able to put out high damage.
I am currently able to easily run keys 16+

Talents: 11x1112 (Never touch Repentance, alternate based on the Dungeon/Team Comp to either Fist or Blinding)

Covenant: Kyrian
Souldbind: Forgelite Prime Mikanikos

Modifiers: ALT Shield of the Righteous
CTRL Word of Glory Mousover
SHIFT Divine Toll/Avenging Wrath Burst


I am currently in the process of both recording and editing videos for many things that make protection paladin as simple as possible to include DUNGEON ROUTES and Videos to accompany, so keep an eye out for that.

In the Macro you will notice a Bron Cancelaura. The reason behind that is the value of Bron falls off drastically when it comes to Mob grouping and will also lead to DPS drop of the group as a whole, so we just ignore him.



Hey nice macro :slight_smile: But what Ms works for you? :wink:

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I used to use it at anywhere as low as 50MS and it fired well, but now i prefer to run it at 100MS as im pushing higher keys and there is more needing to be done outside of the macro so anywhere in that range works just fine

Excellent macro for paladin tanking. Even at ilvl 240-ish i can dish out decent dps and tank keys in 5-8 range. I just think that shift modifier needs a little fix. Since you use castsequence that starts with avenging wrath, divine toll can’t fire when avenging wrath is on cooldown.

There are two possible solutions here.
One: separate them into two separate lines:

/cast [mod:shift] Avenging Wrath
/cast [mod:shift] Divine toll

Or change the sequence to start with Divine Toll:

/castsequence [mod:shift] Divine Toll, Avenging Wrath

I went with option #1
And now when I think about it, option 2 is bad because Divine Toll won’t have the extra damage bonus from Avenging Wrath

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