So do we HAVE to pay now?

To have GSe macros work in Dragonflight Beta? I downloaded the latest GSE and the updated macros for Beta but they don’t work. Do we have to pay to get them to work? I see it cycling but nothing casts.

I can’t even get regular macros to fire off after the first line.

For BETA and PTR client yes, if you want earlier versions support @TimothyLuke Dev patreon

BUT the problem is in both clients, changin keyup keydown keypress .

Some addons like ELVUI and some others are changing this value.

Cheers .

This is the reality: I am not playing Dragonflihht. The ONLy reason a version of GSE exists for Dragonflight is because of those GSE Patron’s. Membership has its rewards and that is they will get things earlier than everyone else.

You don’t have to contribute to GSE. But if you don’t you should at the very least thank those who do as without them there wouldn’t be any version of GSE for Dragonflight.

Now as to why things don’t work - I would suggest this document from the GSE Wiki: ActionButtonKeyDown or ActionButtonKeyUp and Why this matters Macro Cycling not firing · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler Wiki · GitHub This matters now because of the changes Blizzard made and it’s not going away.


Post edit: some people suggested this was insulting. It’s not meant to be insulting but it is meant to be very blunt and direct.

TLDR: GSE is still available on Curseforge. It will remain freely available on Curseforge. There may be features or updates that go to Patrons first. These will eventually filter down to Curseforge.


I personally didn’t see it as rude. You gave the truth. Sometimes truth hurts and it’s not what we like or feel comfortable with. The guy/girl asked a simple question and you gave them the simple, direct truth. Just my two bits worth.

Thanks for the response. I looked for an answer and couldn’t locate one so I asked. I didn’t take your response as rude. It answered the question. I became a patron and immediately the macro worked.

Although I still can’t find a working one for Evoker DPS but that’s not your issue. Its just no one has posted a working one yet that I can find. There is one posted but it doesn’t work.