So i am doing something wrong

i understand it is me. i am doing something wrong. i took my 197 monk windwalker into a raid last night and i am sitting around 3k dps. buffed. last exapnsion i also was pretty low. even though i am pressing all my buttons i still parse low. my hit combo is also at 6 i never fail it, i dont get what i am doing wrong. using a either izzerri_windwalk or this one labeled winsingle.

all my characters are focused on doing lots of damage. i know i suck. but none of them work in terms of dpsing.

another example my beastmaster hunter i level 176 on margrave stradama in plaguefall did 1.3k single target. i think and feel it should be higher. Using the LUTECHI_BM_AIO sequence. it is frustrating cause i dont have the finger dexterity to push so many buttons. yes i suck i know. but surely i can string a few buttons together. and then pop my cooldowns and such and everything outside of that.

if anyone can give me the push in the right direction that would be awesome.


First off you HAVE to SIM your characters correctly to see exactly the BEST CASE scenario DPS your toon should be doing. Then you can judge and see for yourself how ‘off’ your actual vs SIM dps is.

Do that first then come back.



Both excellent SIM sites

actually AskMrRobot has been wonky at best for a few exp now…Raidbots would be the best choice at this time.

would love to see your proof … or is this just your opinion ?

Might be but I’ve tried mr robot lately and it’s been wonky for me also. Wanting me to add crit gems and chants on a BM hunter, stacking haste on my aff lock, wrong enchants on weapons, etc. I’ve stopped using it personally because of this very thing. It’s a personal preference I’d say…

well as a BM hunter it does tell you to stack Mastery no matter the level or % you have…not hast…went from a MM build …crit/mast to a BM specc and it told me to stack more mastery…its not just an opinion…its been on the forums for years not to use it…unless ya know…you pair it with setting up your toons with Noxxic…

use warcraftlogs ‘casts’ section to diagnose if you are not into using target dummies

use the ‘buffs’ section also .

find a better example , and compare

every spec has random procs & some are free casts of moves , some are resource givers , etc . sequences are not going to capitalize on those , especially if they are fancy & contain all talent options lol

practice on a target dummy without the macros to get your rotation into your head . if you think you got it , see what happens when you throw in the macro somewhere . see if it is missing blackout kicks (how can it not miss free procs , and therefore , reduce fists cooldown). see if it is even using Whirling dragon punch , at all. work out those kinks , dude . then you know how to take an attempt at ‘logically arranging’ a class with important procs and sudden cooldown reductions , and supplement it with what a sequence doesnt do - it doesnt consider ‘lines’ that cant go fully from start, etc . so it wont use the big moves for WW right away usually unless its the first use of them . it will also tiger palm when you have full chi . it is never going to be as efficient as you are , so supplement it :smiley: same with BM hunter . you will have to use your barbed shots on your own or so many get wasted overcapping again & again & again . that is one huge thing for BM . another is efficient use of kill command . you will have to make sure it is not being checked by the sequence in the same line as a cobra shot , or a barb shot , or it will fail to use it as soon as it can . just how it is . . . you will have to lift your finger from it for a few seconds to start Bestial wrath with kill command ready , and with focus . things like that .

real talk
your dps is fine dude . get a weapon upgrade & dont be so hard on yourself :wink:

I beg to differ…I use these macros only and run through Castle Nath all the time and Warcraft logs have me at 98-99% parse all the way through…my uptime with Barbed shots are always above 95% and my Kill Commands are spot on. So its not just the use of a macro thats killing his dps.

What are you talking about ? The SIMULATOR has no where listed where to add gems / chants / haste nada … nothing … the SIMULATOR is exactly that … the SIM

What you are referring too is the OPTIMIZER … that is NOT the SIM …

You read it on a forum … ahhh . Not one ounce of actual statistical proof or data in their statement to back up their claims … but … ok hopefully they dont use Wikipedia as verifiable reference sources either :slight_smile:

Multiple people here have posted how to correctly SIM your toon. Simple search will help.

i will sorry i had food poisoning yesterday and decided to rest. i will do it soon once i get all the information to put here and put more clarity to the matter.

Mr Robot does indeed recommend enchants and gems, in the optimizer section as you said. That’s what I’m speaking of. We were simply telling you that Mr Robot is a bit wonky as of late, that’s all. I realize the optimizer is part of what I’m talking about and i’m telling you it’s off. So I figure if I know one section is off then it’s possible the sim section is off. That’s all, friend. Personally I prefer raid bots as I know it’s accurate but you use whatever turns you on…

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/castsequence [nochanneling] Tiger Palm, Rising Sun Kick, Tiger Palm
/cast [nochanneling] Fists of Fury
/castsequence [nochanneling] Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick, Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick
/cast [nochanneling] Expel Harm
/cast [nochanneling] Tiger Palm
/cast [nochanneling] Fist of the White Tiger
/cast [nochanneling] Whirling Dragon Punch
/cast [nochanneling, exists] Storm, Earth, and Fire
/cast [nochanneling, exists] Bonedust Brew

So heres the log of what happen with my monk

curious of your set up or what not, cause i felt pretty weak in lfr on my hunter

also was able to get around sim with mr robot

you have a good seat then umm
my point was about things to look for when you import and use a macro for a spec & arent sure whats wrong . the spec might have RNG and the sequence does its best . for BM in particular the character with 10% haste & 15% crit has a vastly different consequence per waste of Wild Call opportunity, than the character with 25% haste & 30% crit . Both of them will have RNG and talent/conduit handicaps so that Barbed shot Damage uptime has your ceiling on the single target . but They dont experience the same wild call procs as you can imagine

replace darkmoon Indomitable with darkmoon Voracity

more importantly i see casts of Xuen that are almost 4 minutes apart . the only fight to save it is probably Sludgefist . you can save it for when his energy is like 90 , and just use it on cd after that
you wanna use that very often because you have invested a conduit slot in it . sim has 3 casts in its report for that one