So i just got a response from a Gm regarding AHK and "GSE scripts"

At the End i directly asked if it is allowed to make it so it repeatedly makes a Button press while holding the Key down.

Answer was its a “bad thing”.

I think its time to get myself one of those fancy peripherals, any suggestions? doesnt have to be expensive or fancy, if it costs a few bucks more sure, i just want it to be reliable and of good quality, dont care for brands, looks, colors.

here we go again … how old is this argument ? years … years …


There is no Argument. Just a general information and a question regarding some neat peripherals to use with GSE. :smiley:

It seems like you already knew the answer to the question you are asking. In your chat log with the GM you specifically mention the Razor mouse that can do this for you. Look for any keyboard that has macro functions and you will be able to do it also. I hope this doesnt turn into another “will i get banned” thread.

Found some old answered screenshot. Closing this.