So long, And thanks for the fish... :)

This had to happened eventually but a shame it happens sooner that I wanted, but just letting everyone know I am no longer playing WoW
I have no sub and soon to have it uninstalled. Which sadly pretty much means my time as a macro creator is also over.

Despite giving DragonFlight a red-hot go, once I got to end game its just the same as before nothing to keep me invested, Also with all my friends
and regular hangouts no longer playing, some since Legion. the game feels empty to solo. Given the amount of time id have to dedicate just to make
test, revise, test, etc meant in the end I was only logging into wow not to play but just to tweak macros, no point paying a sub for that.

there are also IRL reasons, just getting to old, mental health, ending of relationships, general life changes. for me its just not as it was when I first started.
heck I didnt even expect to get elevated in the community, I was just happy to share what I was making for myself like the rest of you.

Im sure there are others making stuff better than me, and ill keep my macros here for people to take as a starting point and develop further.
Regardless its been a blast, and Thanks to Lutechi for bringing me on board and Timothy Luke for the great addon, and most of all the rest of the creators
and uses of my work,

Take care all…


Hey John,
Sorry to ya go! The community will miss you and your awesome macros…but when you come back- and they always come back- hit me up for a Recruit-a-Friend. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi John,
Thank you so much for your time and contribution to the Community. A lot of people will miss you. Stay in touch, you are always welcome to join my D-cord anytime. I wish you have better time in your next adventures, my friend.

Best Regards,

Take care my friend :slight_smile:

Well said! mental & health ( in general ) always 1st before everything & everyone else.

Please, seek help to the professionals! and you have people here to chat anytime you want.

I will have a pray for you today my friend, get well!


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Sorry to see you go. I have used a fair few of your macros over the years, so thank you for taking the time to share them.

I am in the same boat in all honesty. I have been stuck in a rut since Covid lockdowns and something needs to change (both mentally and physically). I have been considering quitting the only game I have played for several years now.

Good luck with your IRL adventures. Take care.