So many macros to choose from but!

Not very many people are posting their sustained DPS and character ilvls for macro comparison. There’s not a great way to see which one puts out the most w/o trying ever so many! Perhaps we should agree on a set ‘single target’ dummy, and a set ‘multiple target dummies’ to use for testing and give a good 3 minute burn for posting dps so that we’re all on the same page. Just a suggestion.

Posting DPS ?

Kind of a bad suggestion …

(1) All these macros do is the ‘roation’ of your class / spec
(2) The DPS will be different for everyone due to :

  • Gear (haste/crit/vers/etc…)
  • Essences
  • Talents
  • Azerite Pieces
  • Future Conduits / Covenant Choices

(3) Your DPS is kinda up to you

In summary what you should be looking for are SIM comparison results.

IE SIM your character correctly then import Macro - hit the correct target dummy for 5 minute - compare SIM % for yourself using a damage meter like Details …

Which as of right now all SIM’s are kinda unreliable ATM due to level squish and not being max level …

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Oh of course, because all macros are created equal. There’s no need in knowledge like, On my warrior when I use single target macro by person 1, I can sustain 1.3k… When I use macro by person 2, I can sustain 1.6k. When I use macro by person 3 I can sustain 2k. Granted gear, azerite traits, pieces, etc etc all play roles, but when comparing macros and dps with same character, information is nice.

I appreciate why you would find this helpful except here’s the thing. I can give you a macro that works for me at legendary passes but you won’t be able to get even a green pass out of it. I can give you a macro that currently does between 6 and 9k for me but you will get maybe 1.5k The thing is even doing your dummy test it won’t be equal.

The only way it will be equal is if you do the test yourself of what is out there. If it doesn’t work for you it doesn’t work.

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