So many macros to make,

Not sure what macro to build next, since there are so many paths I can walk, I feel like I am just standing at a massive intersection reading the street signs in awe not knowing what path to take first.

any suggestions?

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what about Drachtyr (Devastation) :slight_smile:

one option not available to me yet, since I have not gotten the expansion yet. My company’s CEO lost his job for doing a poor job, and I am suffering for it, so that expansion is on hold for a little for me.

Then maybe a frost DK ? :slight_smile:

I have the same feeling… Too many options/talent spec to select. But, I like it that way rather than just Meta

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yeah, just where to deep my toes first

I should do all three specs of dk honestly. I know all my tanking macros are need of love also.

sorry to hear about the bad that came to you, cuz of your ex boss. probably be a good time to take a vacation from macrs til you are able to get DF. any macros you make right now, will only be good for level 60s only. Since you cant do any of the talents for 61 - 70. wouldnt want you to get a constant “This macro not working for my 61+ toon” or “post your new talent tree for level 61+”. you dont need the headache from all that.

very true, it is more practice with the talents at this point. We might rob petter to buy the expansion and then hide from paul.


You are totally speak my mind, as I always tell people and to my Fans that everything in Pre-Patch is still in subject to change. We will have to wait until DF come out and then everyone level up to 70s…Anyway, after all, it is still Same OLD WOW.


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@Izzi Who is Paul, the mysterious figure ? LOL

I only build macros for classes or specs that I enjoy playing. Like you won’t see me make a macro for Frost Mages, or Boomkins, not a fan of either specs.

I would create a macro based on what you want to play first and go from there, though I don’t know who to level just yet. DH might be the one for this expansion, due to high damage, and very high self-healing which is perfect for leveling. I normally would choose my Hunter, but I don’t like what Blizz did to BM this expansion, so I think I’ll be shelving my BM Hunter for now.

I agree, I play nearly all the classes and main none. I keep trying to put a finger on a main spec/class for myself but is none at this time.

I do agree, there are a few classes that I rarely make macros for. And I normally do the classes my wife and I play first, and that changes quickly and often based on solar alignment, position of the stars, change of direction of the wind, flashing lights, or a loud noise outside.
One of the best part of the game, for me, is making macros. More so when the wife is at work, and I am off work looking for something to do. And since I get off of work earlier on most days, I have time to kill.
The current changes to talents, make leveling macros more difficult to write for sure, and takes a ton more time to write then before. Writing when to take what talents and adding spells into macros, while making the macro work well is not an easy task. I am sure my macros will trickle in slowly at first.

I also agree hunters in general feel left behind, which to me is shocking. Normally hunters do well in every expansion that I can remember until now

I play a hunter, have at least one or two lvl 60s, but not my favorite class. I get bored, they have been powerful, able to do more faster and easier then the rest of the toons I have played, just does not feel like a natural fit for me most of the time.

My wife on the other hand loves her hunter’s and warlocks, so I hope hunters will not feel incomplete the whole expansion for her, and others that enjoy the class.

The issue that was seen on alpha/beta was that certain spec and class trees were not written well. Hunter’s being one of them, there were other classes too like Pallies that also got the shaft when it came to class design and spec design. Seems like Fury and Prot Warriors got a lot of love, but Arms, not so much. BM and Survival got a shaft but MM did well.

Blizzard hasn’t understood really how to develop classes. Back in the day, I pushed Metzen and Prado to hire Mark Jacobs (Mark Jacobs (game designer) - Wikipedia) who is a game developer who worked on the popular game Dark Age of Camelot, which the game had over 50 classes and over 100 specs. In all my MMO history, including that of Planetside, DAoC was the most class-balanced game I have ever seen. Nothing and I mean nothing was unbalanced in DAoC, it was like looking at craftmanship in the MMO world.

I’ve known Mark for a very long time and saw his leadership, and his detailed oriented style of getting things done right, the first time.

I do tend to develop for my wife first, but she’s easy as she only plays a Fire Mage. She does play a BM Hunter too, but she doesn’t like my macros for BM, as she’s super casual and not into M+ like I am.

For me, my top 5 for M+ at 70 will probably be DH, Rogues (Outlaw), Kitty Druid, WW Monk, and maybe Destro Lock and that is going to depend on some talent tunning because right now Destro is getting shafted a bit because some talents even at 70 can’t be obtained.

I am hoping after the servers come back online, that Evoker did not get shafted, as it was rumored to be on beta.

I would say my most played specs (non-tank) are disc priest (took me a minute to get used to the changes, but in a good spot. But I personally miss shadowmeld in pvp. Now you lock holy and it blocks all direct heals), Holy paladin, but they don’t feel great right now, Arms warrior, as you said in a bad spot and feel like the poor choice when playing a warrior. Demo-lock (love the demon army, but have not played since prepatch) and 5th spot being tie amongst many.

As for tanks, was a toss up between prot warrior (in a great spot now, but was lack luster at beginning of last expansion) and prot Pally (have not tired it in the prepatch) followed by brewmaster, blood dk, vengeance DH, then bear tank. All of them enjoyable, but how I rated my fun with them last expansion. Have yet to use any of them since pre-patch launch.

I never played DAoC, I was an Everquest guy, I loved the classes and the needing of other classes in groups. Each class had it’s reason and usefulness in a group. Not just a tank, healer and dps. And as WOW grows older, class are blending more and more, less reason to have a class in the group other then how the spec is preforming compared to other classes. If your class is lower on damage, you are not needed or wanted. You have to play what is meta, or near meta to be viable. That is poor design, imho.

I would second the vote on a frost DK, more toward the oblit build