Solar Wrath and New Moon on one button.

Hi there,

Just looking for a simple macro (or the best way) to put Solar Wrath and New Moon on 1 button. So when New Moon is able to cast it does, if it cant, Solar Wrath. Appreciate the help.


Not sure if you are referring to using GS-E or simply using the default WoW macro system. Super simple with GS-E, not so much with basic macro… Because after you use the 3 New Moon charges they recharge one at a time, and spell cooldowns are changed by Haste it would be almost impossible to make a normal /castsequence to make that work…

PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/use [noform]!Moonkin Form
'/cast New Moon',
'/cast Solar Wrath',
'/cast New Moon',
PostMacro = [[

Thanks Raze,

I will give that a go



The macro works like a hot damn, for that I thank you. I had to add some stuff for it to import into GS-E but all good.

I have a new question which may prove more difficult. I am an old timer since Beta player and very used to alt self cast. As a result on my druid many of my abilities are macro’d such as below.

/cast [nomodifier, help]Rejuvenation ; [modifier:alt, target=player] Rejuvenation; [harm] Solar Wrath(Solar)

This lets me heal and dps with the same button depending on who I am targetting. Is there a way to put the GSE macro you provided in place of the “Solar Wrath(Solar)” bit in the above macro?

GSE is a /click command, so i am not sure how to integrate that into WoW macros. I named your macro “MoonWrath” and the command on the macro is /click MoonWrath.

/cast [nomodifier, help]Rejuvenation ; [modifier:alt, target=player] Rejuvenation; [harm] MoonWrath

Does not work.

/cast [nomodifier, help]Rejuvenation ; [modifier:alt, target=player] Rejuvenation; [harm] /click MoonWrath

Does not work either.

I figured it out, simple really. Just put rejuve on my bar and /click’d the whole thing.

/click [nomodifier, help]MultiBarBottomRightButton1; [modifier:alt, target=player]MultiBarBottomRightButton1; [harm] MoonWrath

Cheers mate