So'leah's Secret Technique - Trinket - "use/cast"

So’leah’s Secret Technique is a new trinket that requires you to target another player to give them a 20 point stat boost so that you will receive a 100 point boost.

I need to write a macro to
“target” person 1 in group (or person 2 if I dont like the leader)
use trinket
assist my pet (or the tank)

I have seen a post about /cast 13 or /cast 14 is something that might help to use a trinket… but not sure what to do

I have one hand and would hate to not use this trinket (since it is an upgrade) just because I cant activate it…


In order to macro this you need to either be targeting someone or it will cast on yourself. As an alternative you can set a focus and have it cast on the same person every time.

/use [@focus] 13
/use [@focus] 14

13 is top trinket slot - 14 the bottom

before combat you just set a focus

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You could also try /use [@party1] 13

For this trinket I would not use GSE as this will be cast too often.

This trinket requires only to be cast all 30min !!!

For this reason take a WeakAura !!

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u can disable to not click the gse / use trinket options / funny how players just download a add on . don’t understand it and say its broken or it needs this or that when it has it built in .

im all for gse macros… but do we really need to have an on use every 30 mins in a macro lol cmon people

:stuck_out_tongue: looks up and sees no buff… clicks a player then clicks the trinket…looks up and sees the buff :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 1 arm and would have no issues using this trinket so i call BS . I found many workarounds with my disability starting off using the razer tartarus