Sol's DH Havoc Chaos Build -PRE PATCH-

So I’ve been playing around with different builds and this one is super fun and the dmg is fairly good in keys and cleave bosses. It focuses on Chaos damage and dots.
Main stat for this build is MASTERY and lots of it.

Leggos: Unity and Fel Bombardment
Covenant = Venthyr
Conduit Path = Theotar The Mad Duke

What’s not in the macro: The Hunt, Eyebeam, Sinful Brand and Sigil of Flame
These are better used at certain times.

Macro I made for Sigil of Flame so you don’t have to use cursor:
/cast [@player] Sigil of Flame

The macro:


The Talents:


My DH isn’t the best geared right now only 245 ilvl and single target i sit around 13k dps and AOE around 40k with 5 targets.

My stats are:

Would love to see how this runs with a decently geared Demon Hunter.
Give it a run and let know what you guys think.

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How many MS
and the new stat mastery and speed or crit ?

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i run this at 250MS
Mastery is the go to stat

looks fun, tried it… but will get some gear with higher mastery… any chance you could put the Hunt, sigil of flame and sinful brand in there?
thank you

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The Hunt and Brand you can, Sigil bugs out in the macro

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tbh i ve tried dabbling in creating macros myself and I m a total idiot at that…

I have something very much like this, was working on GSE. i will give yours a try. .MY DH is 294ish. pulling around 20k, i love the ANyMeansNecessary. .mast builds. will let you know how it goes, checking back in a few days…

I was wondering the dukes party favor buff is for 4hr and u can reset the buff every hour. its random. the agi one is best. as well as Mast. need to test it using haste and vers to see the over all diff.

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