Sometimes the sound is automatically turned off or the prompt "plug-in causes the user interface to fail"

I ran into a problem. When I start the macro to make it work, it will automatically turn off my game sound effects. When I re-open the sound effects and restart the macro, it will still turn off. When the problem occurs, the result of multiple attempts is the same. BUGSACK sometimes prompts “plug-in causes the user interface to fail”. I also suspect that it is related to the sudden failure of macros during my recent game (the problem described in my last post)
My SingleTarget is the number 3 on the alphabet keyboard, AOE is the number 4, the driver is Logitech official driver, the speed is 50ms
Help me, please tell me how can I solve this problem, and I am looking for an effective solution to this problem :heart: :heart: :heart:

This has been happening to me too. The short term solution is:

type /gse and then click Options, you’ll see a selection called Prevent Sound Errors. Turn this off.

This will stop GSE from turning off your sound in the game. A side effect of this is that you’ll start hearing error sounds from GSE trying to use skills that aren’t ready, and might get a popup saying one of your addons is creating errors. The best solution of course is for GSE to use the Prevent Sound Errors function correctly, but turning this option off works in the meantime.

This option takes your current setting stores it, then turns error speech off, executes your macro and then puts it back to the original value - this works if you are using a simple macro. If you are chaining macros or using mods then these change how the macro works and prevent the final steps to put back your original setting from being executed. GSE can’t code around this.

Ah okay, thank you for the explanation. I did notice some macros seem to break this option but I didn’t know why. I (wrongly) assumed it was a GSE problem.

I had a similar thing with sound.
I was using Ctrl Modifier and i think it clashed.
Unbind “Toggle Sound” - Keybinding/Miscellaneous/Toggle Sound