Spammable No Clip Sword Sinister Macro

I’m looking for a spamable sinister strike macro where the macro checks the current swing time and if it is below a certain value, it casts sinister strike, for max efficiency without clipping any attacks.
It seems like that such a macro existed for warriors slam but the addon is not working on classic :(. Any ideas?

Cant be done on this client. Original vanilla client you could make logic based macros and addons. They broke those with tbc

A little bit more information, Classic uses the same API (Macro and Mod rules) as Retail. Retail and Classic work on a “Look but dont touch, make the player make the choice on HOW to touch”. You will need to spend a lot of time working out your macro with GSE. This is harder in Classic as there are no target dummies to test on. You need to do it using real mobs as test cases. Also to make things more interesting you cant change your macro in combat.

Vanilla used a very different API in that a mod could evaluate how may combo points you had and what debuffs the mob had and then use a particular ability. Vanilla combat mods and macros don’t work with Classic.