Spell not found

Hi all,

I have an issue running any gse macro on my vengeance DH. No matter which macro i run it doesnt cast any spells it just flashes up spell not learned and doesnt cast anything. I have no issues on any other character i use only on my DH. Been trying for the last hour to solve this but i cant. The strange thing is that it was working and then just suddenly stopped

EDIT: So ive just set everything up on my steamdeck and it does the exact same thing on my pc and steam deck but only on my DH. Ive tried removing every addon except for GSE and it still does the same

EDIT 2: Never mind ive found a macro that works. Very strange that the original one i was using worked then stopped. I must of done something wrong.

Thanks for responding but i tried that pretty early on as i read the troubleshooting forum before i posted my thread. It made no difference at all

then you will need to submit to Tim and see what he says or check out his solutions he responded to already.