Spinnaker's New 3 Button Macro set - Now with MOBILITY! - Badabing! Badabang! Badaboom!


This is SIM with the spec u recomend. I will give logs after raid

I’m not sure why, but the DOTs (Sunfire, Moonfire and Stellar Flare) aren’t being used more evenly as intended in the macro. And I’d like to see Starsurge firing more often. I think it’s a matter of timing, so I’ll play with settings when a get a chance.

What you observed is totaly right. What I want to add is that I capped Astral like 5 times during a 7 minute fight. Also as all the fights includes moving, will be nice that while moving to spam/cast Sunfire. Also the timing for Starlord is messy and loosing precious uptime. Also when Celestials kicks in, Streaking Stars spell combo will be nice( even on 2+ targets)
Thanks and I hope I will hear from you soon.

I’ve made changes that should be for the better. I’ve got the DOTs (Moonfire, Sunfire and Stellar Flare) in the rotation a little less, but not such that they shouldn’t be active the whole fight. I’ve also updated so that Starsurge fires when available on key release. This should keep it’s use at a maximum and you should never see astral power max out. Thanks for testing @Roco.

I’ve had the day off and spent a large part of it testing and tweaking and testing and I think this is as good as it gets for single target with this set of spells and talents. I’ll work on the AOE version (Boom) next.

Adapted Bing to AOE by adding Starfall in most of the Starsurge instances with good results. Let me know how Boom tests . Hurrican Dorian is on the way, so I might not be offline for a while.

do nothing by me ST and aoe other codes are doing what’s wrong?

I’m not sure. There was an instance two days ago when I had an issue. I put the icon on my action bar again and it was fine. And I’ve been testing a lot. Do you have talents set?

yes i have and al other is doing what i have

I just exported and posted the code I’ve been using successfully since I updated it on 8/30. I renamed them at one point to “Bing!” and “Boom!” because the previous titles were too long to differentiate once they were dragged onto the action bar. I even deleted my current in game macros and imported the new posted code and it’s working fine on the test dummies in Boralus.

Want a hint ? :slight_smile: put the code bellow on your release…

/console autounshift 0
/cast [combat] Starsurge
/cast [combat] Starfall
/console autounshift 1

Any cast that has a TIME to cast that hits a instant proc can be used like that

I appreciate it Dez! I made two changes to the macro set based on your recommendation and your macro. I added the autounshift code to both macros. I also added in the Heart Essence into the macro as well (Concentrated Flame, in my case.) DPS is up with these changes. Again, thanks a million @OriginalDezoran!

can you make it for german this is for englisch client

I dont know how to make a German version. I changed the languages in the Battle.net client to German. But German isn’t an option in the in-game settings. And the game is still in English. I cam paste the English version of the macro details after work this evening. Maybe you can create a macro from that.

btw you can just use /cast Heart Essence

Yes, please do. I just couldn’t export the generic “Heart Essence.”

I am new to all this.

  1. the macro freezes. in another words i have to press it sometimes in the roation 3 or 4 times to fire of a spell every 10 to 12 seconds. maybe i am pressing to fast. my keybard number 1 key.

  2. since this morning. 08:21 the ONLY thing the macro fires is Steller Fire. NOTHING ELSE. has it been updated?

  3. Some people change MS on the macros? how is that done?

Hi @Ali_Asghar,

I’ve not had those types of issues. I’ll see if I can help. When you are having the issues, what is going on with your Astral Power? Is it low or is it maxing out? One important thing is talent set. Do you have your talents set to match those of the macro? The macro should take you through the spells in order. It should be skipping spells that aren’t available and move on to the next. So I’m not sure why you are hung up on Stellar Fire. I won’t be able to get in game for another 12 hours.



What does MS do? everything else is fixed.

if i lower or higher ms what will it do?

how do i change the ms?

i had to update to the new release of the addon today for it too work.

The ms is the polling rate of the mouse in milliseconds (ms). In other words, it’s how rapid the mouse reports it’s position to the computer. I’ve changed it in the past but I never noticed any difference, so I’m done playing with the setting and leave it on the default setting. You can probably change it with your mouse software. I’ve heard a good polling rate is 8ms or better. This translates out to 125 reports per second. 1 second divided by 125 reports is 0.008 seconds per report - or 8 milliseconds (8ms.)

I am glad that the macro is working for you. I hope it helps your game.