Spitz Feral 8.1

I’m pretty much going to abandon WoW with the current state of Activision/Blizzard. But here is a “fixed” version of my macro. I brought up SimCraft and tried to make my macro fire off as many spells as the Sim numbers say the rotation should. This is as close as I can get given the limitations of which spells are able to be cast after the Regrowth proc. I tried to make a macro that would only fire Rake and 5P Ferocious Bite after the Regrowth proc but that was a huge failure. Since feral is forced to use “castsequence” our options are very limited to how far these macros can go.

Since I abandoned my druid quite a while ago, I was only able to test this on my ilvl 345 feral. I am still monumentally upset with the way Blizz mistreated druids at the start of the xpac (shamans and spriest, my heart goes out to you as well), which is a huge reason to why I’m quitting. Before I get on a long rant…I should stop here.

Anyway…my 345 druid can only get about 6.4K after 5+ minutes with my gear. However, my same druid with 351 ilvl Balance gear can do 9.2k. So I would recommend going that direction if you are stuck on druid or thinking about making the move. But again…that is just my opinion using my gear. I see the 380+ ilvl ferals are supposed to be in the top 7 according to Sim.

So with this macro just fire it off as normal. There is an opening sequence that will only fire once with Rip and the Sabertooth talent will keep that 1 Rip refreshed as long as you are spending combo points. That being said…if you are fighting a single boss/mob and you see that the Rip has fallen off…just hold down Ctrl until you see Rip reapplied, then release Ctrl and let the macro do its thing. It is a pain in the butt, but having Rip in the main macro is such a huge waste. Also, every other talent mashup that I tried got me worst numbers than this one…

So test, retest, post your macros if you can make it better…you can take full credit for something I started…I really don’t care. :stuck_out_tongue:

Talents 2XXX122

And for those wondering…yes I did test a sequence using Savage Roar. The numbers were very similar but only slightly less considering you are casting (nearly) 1 less FB if you have to use SR in the rotation. And that doesn’t fly now that FB is the best spell for ferals atm. (shouldn’t it be the bleed DOTs? huh Blizz?!)

Sorry to hear you may be leaving wow Spitz I know if it was not for you I would not of figured out part of my old macro.

I do agree Rip should be the better spell but Blizzard logic I guess is not to care about what we think.

I’ll gladdy take a look and play with this macro I don’t think you ever let me down when it come to feral druids.

Thank you for the new update

Yours Lucky Tiger (yes that one)

Pulling around 14k at 358 ilvl, granted not the best due to the factors of the how druids are now used in feral, but by far the best I have tested on this forum.

Thanks again, sad to see you leave.

[quote quote=67770]Pulling around 14k at 358 ilvl, granted not the best due to the factors of the how druids are now used in feral, but by far the best I have tested on this forum.
Thanks again, sad to see you leave.[/quote]

How is the Rake and Thrash DoT uptimes with your tests? I didn’t focus too much on them since SimC said their damage isn’t where the bulk of the feral damage comes from. Are you just testing on a dummy or raids?

I was pulling between 7k and 9k at 363 ilvl, but I’m gonna point at RNG factor.

My regrowth procs were never getting used unless I did it manually, is that by design?

Lorna, I was testing Spitz’s macro and had the same experience, regrowth not casting. Additionally, GSE was giving me an error on the [mod=crtl] line in the keypress section. I updated that to [mod:crtl] and regrowth started working.

As for the dps, I was pulling approx 7.5k with no coooldowns, at ilvl 350. I still have a few crappy pieces so I am going to give it some time for the true testing.

Oh yeah, I do think I made a mistake with the mod ctrl part. I thought I had fixed it and updated the original post but I may not have.

Alas I’ll not be returning to WoW and can’t redo the original code. If someone could make the correction to [mod:ctrl] and post the new code, I will replace my original 1st post.

I sure hope you and others that go will return at the next patch or release of new content. Its very disheartening to see good people leave. A short story, my nephew is getting married this summer and his best man is someone he’s never met in person, a guy he’s been playing WOW with for over 10 years! I really wish they would get their act together and make the game more functional and worry less about stock price.

Can I have your stuff, Spitz?

I’m kidding of course, but I hope by some miracle you change your mind. I’ve been following your stuff for a while and have depended on your macros to get me through. I’m trying to give Feral one more chance and muscle through as much content as possible, I’ll try this macro and see how far it gets me! Thank you so much for your work, Spitz.


@Spitz I think that’s right man but I don’t know how to put it in a box