Spitz Survival

Thought I would share my own version of the surv macro that I’ve been using with great success.

As always…handle cooldowns/racials on your own. At the start and/or with Lust.

362 ilvl. My gear IS mainly optimized for BM and I only have a 345 Surv polearm. After several 5 min dps tests on raid dummy, I’m doing 95% of what Raidbots/Simcraft says I should be doing. So very good for a 1 button macro with no mod keys if I do sayso myself. :slight_smile:

Rate and review…

Talents 3111222

Good macro Spitz works great so far no hang ups at all the only thing that i can see that you might want to add in on it is call pet when you start the fight as there could be some of us that don’t run around with their pet out all the time
Thanks for the great macro

how can I use this code :S there is random smt

first do you have the newest version of GSE2 if you don’t you would need to download it then all you would have to do is to copy it and while in game bring up gse2 by doing this /gs then to import from there you would need to press ctrl v then it should show up in the import box after that all you have to do is click on the button that says import then it will show up in the list of your macro’s for that toon