Spleen's 1 button outlaw rogue macro

try this one.
any modifications or feedback appreciated
constantly tinkering with it to optimize.
updated 2/26/24


what talents mate WOwhead ?


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So I tried your macro and was getting 154k on Valdrak dummies, what MS are you running at and what kinda dps u getting? I run everything at 100ms so I noticed there was a fair amount of down time on Blade Rush and Perhaps not enough proc’d pistol shots so I tweaked it so add more instances of sinister strike, ambush, blade flurry and pistol shot, I also changed the sequence of the first loop to sequential and also took out the vanish and roll the bones from the loop (I don’t like rolling a god roll too early :P) Tweaking it a lil pushed it up to 172k running @100ms. Looking good.


please post macro with your changes
im constantly tweaking it a bit

i prefer to leave vanish in b/c vanish important to use offensively ahead of other cds b/c of reset
roll the bones just to be simple but aware of dps loss
blade rush is spammed on cd just doesnt fire well,
blade flurry in GSE is really strange, wont activate as single line, has to have some pause/castsequence to make it work
top part should be priority b/c that’s all outlaw really is–keep all these spells on cd, and react to procs
proc part automation really hard to have one size fits all and getting the right number of pistol shots, sinister strikes, ambushes is difficult, and changes with roll the bones buffs too

appreciate the interest
please attach macro and Ill try it some more

I actually deleted it sorry. Since outlaw dps is focused purely around crack shot windows it’s just too much of a dps loss. Doing 172k with 1 button is nice n all but doing 350-400k by doing it manually is just too much difference to be of real world use.

I’m working on 3 macro’s atm, one for out of stealth normal play, one to switch to and try and maximise the crack shot window and see if it comes closer to real world, and a 3rd just for the opening “buff up” prefight (that’s the easy part really)

Even then it’s not going to be “lazy” per say as still going to need to cast vanish and shadow dance manually to enter the stealth windows. So it’ll look like “buff up” macro - enter fight use macro 1, Vanish, use macro 2, use shadow dance, use macro 2 and repeat. Not ideal :stuck_out_tongue: