Squishy Enhancement M+ Raid Single Target (Elementalist) "Hailstorm Build"

This is a macro based on the Icey Veins Raid and M+ single target build! (Hailstorm Build)
How to use -

  1. Manually cast Flame Shock at pull and on primary target
  2. Manually cast Windfury Totem
  3. Spam Macro
  4. SHIFT+ Macro (on single target) or ALT+ Macro (On 3+ targets) when you are at 8+ stacks of Maelstrom Weapon
  5. HOLD CTRL for Primordial Wave then it will also cast Lightning bolt (This will ramp up your haste 25% per mob affected by flame shock and it’s massive damage)




Usage Information

Created at 200MS
Manually cast Flame Shock on primary mob at pull

ALT = Chain Lightning (for 3+ mobs)
SHFT = Elemental Blast (only at 5+ stacks of maelstrom)
CTRL = Primordial Wave then Lightning Bolt (make sure LB fires off before letting go of CTRL)

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.26.

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Oh, nice! Thanks. I am using your new elementalist build for my lvling (finally a day off from work). Looking forward to checking this one out at lvl 70. You’ve been busy, lol.

This build came up in our Guild raid. While i was top dps with the Mythic + AOE build. the single target boss fights i was only 11th. This allows me to switch specs in the raid depending on the boss from AOE nuke to single target mayhem!

Glad you enjoy!

The build I saw (w/ Hailstorm) included Ice Strike => Frost Shock.

Builder spells to 10 Malstrom => Spenders (Ele Blast for single target, Chain Ltning for multi => Ice Strike, Frost Shock.

So, very close to yours!
PS: I’m not complaining or asking you to change yours. I am enjoying your builds very much! :slight_smile:

Working with your build for ST,
One thing i noticed was CTRL isn’t initiating the PW LB combo. i swap it to Alt and works find but lose hold hot key for CL. minor…
altering your macro a little and making dps gains but it’s not quite right.
Changes… added in your macro varibles a castseq for winfury totem with a reset on target change . minor little quality of life addition.
added in cast seque to the EB cast and put LB behind it. was hoping it would only cast LB if EB was on CD and i had a full 5stack up. (this is one i need help with )
there is still a good bit of room left in your ST macro to work with. like HST, AG and AS. i removed AS because i don’t use them on CD in most cases. it’s situational as to boss damage and would hate to have AS down when i really needed it for raid wide incoming damage . and the other two are raid help but definitely not DPS related.
Also not sure if there is a way. but a ONE TIME use opener PW LB is better than manual cast FS as PW puts FS on target and is a much better opener. maybe set the same as the windfury add i made to reset on target change. cause if the combo is up. big difference

I might just make a manual macro PW LB to hit on run in and then start your gse.

That is also how this works but it’s all about timing. in my testing i was able to consistantly hit 8+ stacks of Maelstrom, use elemental blast and the macro would pop off ice strike then frost shock.

This is only the first time making this macro - it will get better the more i use it!

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if CTRL isnt triggering it, then you most likely have a WOW keybind on CTRL+Macro button. OR you were a Necro shaman in the last expansion and you need to go to shadow lands and change to night fae or something as there is a conflict in the spell book for this spell.

As for the PW to EB to LB that makes sense but i dislike using PW as an opener as in raids you will jump from mob to mob in trash pulls or in dungeons you will have mobs without stack as they die too fast. also it’s important to remember not using PW until ALL the mobs have flame shock applied and that can only happen once Lava Lash is applied.
So in my expirence it’s best to hit Flame Shock on open. wait until Lava Lash pops on all the mobs (Which you should already be at 6+ stacks already. Pop chain lightning, instantly pop PW and LB then ice strike and frost shock will pop. all that is a MASSIVE spike in damage.

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Yes! Sounds like we are on the same page. I am going to start using this macro. Ive really enjoyed your previous one for leveling. Thanks again!

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glad its been helping!

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I doesnt seem that the talents are updated for this Hailstorm macro.


the EB LB switchup i was talking about was solely for Mael Proc. not really for PW LB mod. Once you have the haste 20% is where i am starting to see Maelstrom Clipped bad, where EB is on CD and you can lose 3-7 seconds waiting for it. so i made a skip key macro with a 10 second reset so the worst i will have to wait on EB is 2 seconds… more than that and it will fire off LB instead.
but the macro i made goes EB to LB if under 10 seconds instead of EB to EB and LB only if EB is on CD. but there may not be a practical ability for that.

the rest of it was all about Single target macro not the AOE macro. which is very specific use and light cleave. so the CL PW LB IS FS would never really come into play just a different scenario. I haven’t found much i would change in the AOE macro. But i can understand your reasoning.

OH that would be an issue

hmmm this is smart! I will try and make 2.0 soon
Can you show me how you put in a skip?

now i have tested both of your script.

I’ll say this hailstorm is increasing lots more dmg then another one you have make, but this one you need to awake, for you need to controll EB, PW, LB CL, FS and Windfury Totem. (since my keybinds as CTRL, ALT and Shift is not working, dno why… i have no keybinds ingame with it.

Maybe its my AHK script is bad with extra press buttons down.

And i will hear you Gets_Em_squishy about your AHK, would you share it, so i can modify my own script with some of yours ? :slight_smile:

and again, thanks for you’re hard working to get some script is working pretty good (Y)

KEEP your work up!

CTRL button is working here now, dno what happing :smiley:

it’s not really skip as much as a reset of time on a sequence macro.

/castsequence reset=combat/10 Elemental Blast, Lightning Bolt

basically it will cast EB then LB unless you didn’t activate the key in the last 10 seconds. i made a separate macro key for it but i am sure it can be placed in your Mod section similarly as you would not be activating it in rotation only when the mod key is pressed.

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any way to get lava lash to be used more at all

Lava lash is replaced by Elemental Blast in your talent tree. see instructions on macro:
"Created at 200MS
Manually cast Flame Shock on primary mob at pull

ALT = Chain Lightning (for 3+ mobs)
SHFT = Elemental Blast (only at 5+ stacks of maelstrom)
CTRL = Primordial Wave then Lightning Bolt (make sure LB fires off before letting go of CTRL)"

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Your macro is great. I swapped blast out for lava lash and ice surge for mythic+. Seems to be the build they are all going. Is there a way to make lava lash cast more? Any adjustments or add anything to your already great macro