ST and AoE macros, more or less getting the pulse of the people

I have seen lately a request and discussion on not having st and AoE versions of my macros.

First let me explain why I built my macros the way I have so far to date. With the current changes to Talents in WoW, most classes have ST builds and AoE builds. I did not want to add to the confusion of making a ST macro for a AoE (mythic) build and have people think that the macro was a true ST macro taking the current ST (raid) talents. So I put st or AoE on a modifier, so I could then build either a true ST macro or a true AoE macro based off of talents later.

I understand that many prefer macros broken into two buttons, But that was my thinking on the process at the time. It may be flawed logic, but is the logic I was using. That being said I see the it being said that people want to have a broken down selection for the macros, and I always try to help when I can. I was talking with @Siodar the other day, and I was struggling on how to do this without adding confusion, since I plan on making both ST (raid) build and AoE (mythic) build macros. How could I do this with the least amount of confusion. I decided that I will have to name them unique names, so I can then break them down in ST, AoE and all in one options.

So in this long post I am more or less asking if this is something that people want. And if making macros with unique names will be a good enough solution to eliminate any confusion that might be caused?



Where XX_ST has 2 versions depending on the situation, via GSE config. I’m changing many of my macros to that setting with the v1 as default for mythic+ with the talents I say, that one will be used together with a 2nd called XX_AOE, and the v2 that will be active on raids that will work with another string of talents.

You can also explain with photos keybindings so they will know there’s no need to use XX_AOE on Raid

Mythic [1- XX_ST][2- XX_ST][3][4][5]
Raid [1-XX_ST][2][3][4][5]

As long as you explain with photos/screenshots it will work better than words on this forum as far as I can say.

I totally understand this, but this method really does not work well with my macros. Because my macros are already very version heavy. Some have 12 versions used for leveling toons from 10-70. And this method would only work for those using it on a lvl 70 toon, but the situational change caused would effect every level bracket of the macro.
So as an example to explain what I am saying . If you are using my macro at lets say lvl 35, macro would say to use version 6, you enter a dungeon, the macro would then auto-change to version 13 set for dungeons at level 70. this would cause an issue for those trying to level.

For me I would have to write 3 separate macros, under the same talent selection, to make a ST version, another for AoE version, and yet another for those that want a All in One option.

Why dont you use one whole version with the new macro conditional:

/cast [known: Whirlwind] Whirlwind; Basic Skill

With that u can skip the level barrier.

An option for sure, but try to avoid add steps in macros, since even if that step is skipped when not used, it is clicked to see if it is usable or to be skipped and adds a small delay.

It’s a smart delay while leveling that can’t be annoying, at max level, it won’t be there any delay. Think about that.

thank you for the input, and is an option for sure, and there are advantages also, less needing to make sure you are on the right version as you level, that is an advantage. the negative, you won’t be as optimal as you level, and some classes the interaction between spells change and become more or less important as you learn new spells/talents. Or when you use it changes as you level as the case is on a few classes.

Also, while this method will work, it does not eliminate the need for a mod key if you want to do st damage in mythic or aoe/cleave in raid. It does make it where you can write one set of macros that will allow you to run a class spec in both worlds.

I didn’t say to remove the need to have 2 separated macro for ST and AOE. I’m in the side of having 2 macros for each kind of combat, you can share the ST due to versions but you cant mix all in except on ST for Warr Fury for example

I get you, I been making mine one key, but have been seeing people want 2 key method, so I explained why I made mine 1 button, and letting everyone know I am listening, and had to figure out away to make it where it was not confusing. And how to continue to make my leveling versions for people to use. I know many are 70, but many are level alts like crazy also.

My playstyle I personally always make a second AOE macro and bind it to a different key, it then frees up modifying keybinds for interupts, or other things like slinging traps out on my hunter @cursor and stuff like that…I always leave Alt, Ctrl and Shift open to add other macros i make myself for Utility spells.

Thats just my preference

yeah, I am going to start making mine in divided, so I will have a st, aoe and a all in one. I will just name them unique names so people know what macros go with what

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