start making helpful/lazy macros! GS-E addon and in game edit Starter Edition

[size size=35][color color=#ff9900]Hi all and let’s get into making helpful/lazy macros![/color][/size][color color=#f4cccc][size size=35]╰(✧∇✧╰)[/size][/color]
I haven’t been using this addon for long but getting a simple understanding will aid one to get started

[size size=35][color color=#ff9900]This guide is for using GS-E addon and ingame edit.[/color][/size]
So I can’t say that I made this guide alone, but took all the spread out information on the forum and what is on the wiki as well from what the people on the Discord said and made it collected into one.

And keep in mind as WoW is updated the codes might have to be as well or be changed to work. And as long as I will play WoW and use this addon, I will try to keep this easy guide updated. And into one post.

Color code: [color color=#00ffff]My notes[/color], [color color=#a61c00]Codes[/color], [color color=#ffffff]Important information[/color]. [color color=#ff9900]Headline, [/color][color color=#9fc5e8]Sub-headline[/color]

[size size=35][color color=#ff9900]The steps on making the macro[/color][/size]

Instead of telling exactly what you [color color=#ffffff]“should”[/color] type in said box I will make a light explanation about what it means.

[color color=#9fc5e8]Sequence Name:[/color] It’s what you want to call the macro. You can name it whatever your want but usually when sharing one name it into what it is. if it’s an AoE or single and so on.

[color color=#9fc5e8]Help Information:[/color] is automatically putting up the talents you are currently using. and can be edited if this macro is for another round of addons.

[color color=#9fc5e8]Step Function:[/color] Here you can chose between two options, one being Sequential and Priority List.

Sequential: will be executing the commands from the top and down simply as that.

[color color=#ffffff]Priority list[/color] [color color=#00ffff]is quite different and I feel that this is the only thing I can’t explain properly for you as i don’t quite get it fully and don’t want to give the wrong idéa so i’ll link to the Wiki explaining instead[/color]

So when using this one according to me in the start is a lot of confusion and many errors depending what you want with the macro. [color color=#00ffff]So for those who can use it or if this would fit in your macro then use it. If not I would suggest to use Sequential.[/color]

[color color=#9fc5e8]PreMacro:[/color] Is activated every time pressing/using the macro and it’s recommended to only use [color color=#ffffff]auto target command no Global CD.[/color]

[color color=#9fc5e8]Sequence:[/color] This is where [color color=#ffffff]everything happens[/color] and where all your spell abilities and so on goes.[color color=#ffffff] As well where one mostly finds the error[/color]

[color color=#9fc5e8]PostMacro:[/color] This part is activated every time the macro is done reading the line. It’s recomended [color color=#ffffff]to only use auto attack command no Global CD[/color]

[color color=#9fc5e8]Specialisation / Class ID:[/color] Here you chose for who you make the macro for
[color color=#00ffff]All classes[/color], then you chose all
[color color=#00ffff]Your class[/color], even if you are in another spec you can execute it.
[color color=#00ffff]and class specific speaks for itself.[/color]

[size size=35][color color=#ff9900]What works to type in the diffrent boxes[/color][/size]
[color color=#00ffff][Keep in mind that this will be an example making a normal attacking macro.][/color]

[color color=#9fc5e8]PreMacro:[/color]
Like mentioned earlier one can start with putting into the PreMacro a target command

[color color=#a61c00]/targetenemy [noharm][dead][/color]

And it’s recommended to keep it like this [color color=#00ffff]but if you use pet’s like hunters and warlock[/color] you can add the command for it as well

[color color=#9fc5e8]Sequence:[/color]
This is the part where everything will happening [color color=#ffffff]and be prepared to redo a lot in here[/color].
[color color=#ffffff]The most used commands[/color] in here are the following.

[color color=#a61c00]/cast[/color]
[color color=#a61c00]/castsequence[/color]
[color color=#a61c00]/use [/color]

[color color=#ffffff]Adding to the commands[/color].
[color color=#a61c00][nochanneling][/color]
[color color=#a61c00]reset=[/color]

[color color=#9fc5e8]So what do the commands do?[/color]
Making these macros is not that far from[color color=#00ffff] writing codes as adding more information will make it understand[/color] closer to what you want [color color=#ffffff]but[/color] it can’t do more then [color color=#00ffff]WoW will allow you[/color].

[color color=#a61c00]/cast[/color] is the basic one and does the simplest thing. For some it might be strange but everyone from mage to warrior uses this. For it’s the command for using the spells you have. So saying that i’m a mage and making my macro i just simply do [color color=#a61c00]/cast Frostbolt[/color] and it knows what you want. Simple as that. The most usual problem that can happen here is simple as you misspelled the spell/ability

[color color=#a61c00]/castsequence[/color] have a bit more to it then just [color color=#a61c00]/cast[/color] easiest to explain this is by writing out an example and instead of 1 and A it’s the spells you chose.

[color color=#a61c00]/cast [/color][color color=#00ffff]1[/color]
[color color=#a61c00]/castsequence [/color][color color=#4a86e8]A, B, C[/color]
[color color=#a61c00]/cast [/color][color color=#00ffff]2[/color]

So when you then press the order of the spells will be [color color=#00ffff]1[/color], [color color=#4a86e8]A[/color], [color color=#00ffff]2[/color], [color color=#00ffff]1[/color], [color color=#4a86e8]B[/color], [color color=#00ffff]2[/color], [color color=#00ffff]1[/color], [color color=#4a86e8]C[/color], [color color=#00ffff]2[/color].
What happens is that when reading the lines it register castsequence and works so when it activates the first time passing it will register the [color color=#4a86e8]A[/color] spell, and then continues to [color color=#00ffff]2[/color] and then restart with [color color=#00ffff]1[/color] but the second time it comes to castsequence it will register B spell and continues how you have made the macro.
[color color=#ffffff]The most usual problem that can happen here:[/color] is the selection of spells as if for example [color color=#4a86e8]B[/color] won’t execute for whatever reason it will repeat [color color=#00ffff]1[/color] [color color=#4a86e8]B[/color] [color color=#00ffff]2[/color] until it can pass by [color color=#4a86e8]B[/color].

[color color=#a61c00]/use[/color] is if you have an item, flasks, pots or equipment like the Legendary ring from WoD. When used it will activate/consume those kind of items or equipment.
[color color=#ffffff]The most usual problems that can happen here:[/color] is if it’s it’s not in your bag it can magically make the item so either get a refill or pick them up where you forgot them. When it comes to using the equipment it

When it comes to these [color color=#00ffff]‘adding to the commands’[/color] it’s what it’s says. It gives some extra
information towards the [color color=#a61c00]/cast[/color] or [color color=#a61c00]/castsequence[/color] command you use it for.

[color color=#a61c00][nochanneling][/color] is used with both [color color=#a61c00]/cast[/color] and [color color=#a61c00]/c[/color][color color=#cc0000]astsequence[/color] and when adding it to a spell that is channeling like Arcane Missiles. It makes so it won’t be [color color=#ffffff]interrupted by you wanting to cast another spell[/color]. But it can still be interrupted by anything else you do. Like ESC or anything

[color color=#a61c00]reset=[/color] have more than one function depending on what comes after = the two that works are combat and target.
So what will happen when having this command is that the macro will start over from the start if you have [color color=#a61c00]=combat[/color] it will restart when entering or leaving combat, [color color=#a61c00]=target [/color]will restart when changing target.

[color color=#9fc5e8]PostMacro:[/color]
Here do mostly melee classes add in the auto attack command being the [color color=#a61c00]/startattack[/color] and that is as much more one can say for now :stuck_out_tongue:

So these are maybe [color color=#00ffff]not all commands[/color] but it covers the basic of making a macro within the addon ingame and it maybe take some time and a lot of testing for one to make a well working addon for your class but that’s the reason why the [color color=#f1c232]WoWLazyMacro forum[/color] is for. To share and build macro’s that works with your style.

[color color=#9fc5e8]The macro is done. And you of course save it, Why would you not save?[/color]
[color color=#ffffff]You find the macro you just have done in WoW’s own macro place[/color], by either doing /macro or through the menu. So underneath character specific it will be and you place it out onto the action bar [color color=#00ffff]and you press it![/color]

[color color=#9fc5e8]If it dosen’t work or execute as you wish?[/color] Then you go back in and edit it until it work or you are happy with is. It’s nothing special about it. [color color=#00ffff]H[/color][color color=#ffffff]ap[/color][color color=#00ffff]p[/color][color color=#ffffff]en[/color][color color=#00ffff]s[/color][color color=#e06666] [/color][color color=#ffffff]t[/color][color color=#00ffff]o[/color][color color=#e06666] [/color][color color=#ffffff]ev[/color][color color=#00ffff]e[/color][color color=#ffffff]ry[/color][color color=#00ffff]o[/color][color color=#ffffff]ne[/color].

[color color=#9fc5e8]So what does the addon really do with these commands and how do you use the macro you made.[/color]
So we typed in three boxes. PreMacro, Sequence and PostMacro so when you press the macro it reads off


[color color=#ffffff]And to be clear.[/color] [color color=#00ffff]This is not [/color][color color=#ffffff]a “press me once and i’ll auto attack until you press again.”[/color] Breaking this down into when one made the macro it will execute

The first line in Sequence.

So one can say that you have made one Macro for using several macros and a lot in there depends on the macro you have made.

[color color=#00ffff]Tip for what macro you make[/color].
Look at [color color=#00ffff]Icy-veins[/color] or another page for the [color color=#00ffff]class[/color] and look at the rotations. [color color=#00ffff]Make something out of that [/color]or other rotations you do. It’s your macro so you make it that it fits you within it’s power.

And to say if you test someone else macro from [color color=#f1c232]WoWLazyMacro[/color] and it’s good! But you make some changes and then you share it towards the site. Just because you made some changes it’s still the Macro the other person made so when reposting. Either do it in his post and say that these changes works better for me. It’s so how all together can develop out better macros.

[color color=#93c47d]The most normal questions people ask[/color] that I haven’t said in [color color=#ffffff]how to make[/color], as they fit better here as FAQ.

[color color=#f4cccc]“Why doesn’t this macro work when I import it.”[/color]
[color color=#00ffff]It can be a lot of different reasons.[/color] This addon is always being updated and WoW updates their codes. Another reason is that some of these Macros after legion release have some commands that doesn’t work anymore. Then it’s that some of the creators are writing in LUA and uses the old GS addon and there’s one or two times I have imported one and it won’t work. So the tip I can give is to Manually copy it into GS-E and inspect the codes to see if there is any outdated command in it. And if it’s so, Share it.
So do this before spamming in the chat

[color color=#ead1dc]“Why can’t I change the macro icon? It’s only a read question mark.”[/color]
You can do this but you change it in WoW’s own macro place, Don’t change the text inside the macro but you can change easily the icon to what you wish.

[color color=#ead1dc]“Some say that this Addon is considered as cheating and risking the Banhammer on me. True or False?”[/color]
[color color=#00ffff]This is False[/color][size size=109].[/size]
It’s an addon that is not going against the WoW program it’s making a macro out of a macro. And it doesn’t play the game for you as you still press it each time to make a spell. It’s the same thing. But if blizzard updates so the addon would go against it and if it happens The addon would not work at all.

[color color=#ead1dc]“Why would people what this kind of addon?”[/color]
There’s a lot kind of different reason. But there is a few major ones. Not all are as quick onto all the keybindings or maybe can be quick on making all the things and can’t enjoy the game as the others because of a stupid thing as a small handicap. [color color=#00ffff]This is for helping them to play and enjoy more of what the game offers.[/color]

[color color=#ead1dc]“These macros ain’t making as close as the dps I want.”[/color]
Well this macro can’t do everything for you when it comes to such. [color color=#00ffff]This is a help tool and not playing the game for you.[/color] So sometimes these macros might not be the best for higher raids. But I believe it can help you with some of it when you make the right macro’s for it.

[color color=#ff00ff]So this I believe covers at least the basic on this addon and how to get started into making your own macros that fits you.[/color] And when some major changes happens that makes this guide worthless i’ll update it.
[color color=#4a86e8]So if there’s something you feel missing in this guide or wishes to add or if something in here is incorrect then send me a note and i’ll edit it.[/color]

So go make macros with [color color=#f1c232]your dying will![/color]
And I’m happy that everyone likes this introducing guide on how to use it! hugs to everyone
(cookie to the one knowing the reference)

[color color=#00ffff]Disclaimer.[/color] The biggest reason for me making this guide is that some things are hard to find and I feel that the one that is up ‘Gnome Sequencer for Idiots’ is 1, made two years ago and have 16 pages that can be a lot to look through and some of explanations are really spread out over the whole forum. 2, The guide he made is for the GS and not GS-E, and they write their codes outside the game so this is a more up to date one for the new addon.
I’m not in charge of in making or updating the Addon/Forum site here. I’m a normal user that want to aid people getting started so one hopefully won’t go through the horrible googling to not find all the answers or feel that they are missing out on not being able to use this addon.

I want to thank ThimothyLuke for making this amazing addon and hope that this will be a nice addition will do well towards this growing community and to load off him on these everyday asking questions so we can give more feedback to develop it. As well as thanks to those in the discord channel that patiently endured my spam off questions.

Thank you for taking the time to do this, its a nice simple starter explanation of what the addon is all about. Cheers

Thank you for this great guide - vote for sticky !! But maybee you can highlite one or two words :slight_smile:

Quick question.

Why do some people use the symbol " ! "
for example “/cast [combat] !Mighty Bash”
Why use this “!Mighty Bash” and not just “Mighty Bash”
What does it do?
Regards Dave.

Yo, it had a meaning before I cant at the moment remember though. But it’s an outdated function last I heard.

edit, And I made this post from my tablet so I’m not sure why it didn’t become a proper reply.

[quote quote=35163]Quick question.
Why do some people use the symbol ” ! ” for example “/cast [combat] !Mighty Bash” Why use this “!Mighty Bash” and not just “Mighty Bash” What does it do? Regards Dave.

I don’t think it makes a difference using “!Mighty Bash” to “Mighty Bash”.
This should be used for toggleable abilities, it’s like saying “Use this when not in this form”, think about Stealth, you don’t want to leave stealth when using a macro with it.

thanks mate great work

Sequences[‘DB_SP_st’] = {
helpTxt = “Talents: 1222231”,
StepFunction = GSStaticPriority,
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
“/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=target Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch, Mind Flay, Mind Flay, Mind Flay”,
“/cast !Mind Blast”,
“/cast !Shadow Word: Death”,
/use [combat]13
/use [combat]14

Sequences[‘DB_SP_AoE’] = {
helpTxt = “Talents: 1222231”,
StepFunction = GSStaticPriority,
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
“/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=target Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Sear, Mind Sear, Mind Sear”,
“/cast !Mind Blast”,
“/cast !Shadow Word: Death”,
/use [combat]13
/use [combat]14

Sequences[‘DB_SP_Void’] = {
helpTxt = “Talents: 1222231”,
StepFunction = GSStaticPriority,
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
“/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=target Mind Flay, Mind Flay, Mind Flay”,
“/cast !Void Eruption”,
“/cast !Mind Blast”,
“/cast !Shadow Word: Death”,
/use [combat]13
/use [combat]14
/cast !Mindbender

why those macros not working…where is problem

The Priority stepfunction works by attempting the beginning of each line of the macro before trying to move forward in the sequence. It takes the whole of the macro into consideration when it does this.

Here’s an example.

/castsequence 1, 2
/cast A
/cast B
/castsequence 7, 8

In Sequential every press of the macro button would attempt to step things forward by one.
Press: 1. Press: A. Press: B. Press: 7. Press: 2. Press: A. Press: B. Press: 8. Etcetera.

Because most people spam their macros, this isn’t what is usually seen in practice, since they are spinning through the macro until the next ability available is selected and cast. This type of sequence is best for very specific cast orders when pressing the key once per Global Cooldown, or for macros that just need to spam whatever abilities are not on CD by hitting it as fast as you can. It offers no dynamic advantage.

In Priority every press of the macro button still attempts things in order, but the order now resets after each press. If that ability is not available, then it moves on.
Press: 1. Press: 2. Press: (if 1 is on cooldown) A. (If not) 1 (if 1 and A is on CD) B.

Priority adds a lot of “if” statements to a macro. Whatever is listed first in each line will be attempted, with the higher lines going first. When any of that is on cooldown, it then moves forward. But, as soon as anything before it is available again it’ll cast it. In addition to this, a /castsequence is respected as an order, always trying to work through the whole line before starting over. 1 must fire before 2 will fire. And 2 must fire before 1 will fire.

What this means is that the real power of Priority is with castsequences. You can pair this with /castsequence to make sure that some order is still maintained despite spamming or other abilities having different cooldowns. Again, in my example above, 1 will always fire before 2, and 2 has to fire before 1 can fire again. 7 and 8 behave the same way. But A and B will fire whenever they can. And 1 and 2 will always try to fire before 7 and 8.

Superb stuff. I do have a question about ‘GSStaticPriority’ tho.
I use it in a retoation and i look at the debug window.
That says

basically the same as with sequential, i would have expected it to be like


Any idea?

[quote quote=35233]

Domax1 wrote:
Quick question. Why do some people use the symbol ” ! ” for example “/cast [combat] !Mighty Bash” Why use this “!Mighty Bash” and not just “Mighty Bash” What does it do? Regards Dave.
I don’t think it makes a difference using “!Mighty Bash” to “Mighty Bash”. This should be used for toggleable abilities, it’s like saying “Use this when not in this form”, think about Stealth, you don’t want to leave stealth when using a macro with it. Source: [/quote]

Thank you for your help.

Guys, tell me please. That the best delay spam macro button? I use razernaga

One addition to Mew’s initial post. If you are making a macro and do decide to post it on the forum, don’t just do so and leave it at that and say “Dis makro givz’z 300k DPS lol0rc0p73r.”

If it gives YOU 300k dps it may not work the same for others, give them an idea of what your secondary stats look like and also share how fast you’re clicking to get that.

It will save headaches and lots of questions being asked. Also may stop the generic “Doesn’t work” posts.

I’ve skimmed through this great post and I haven’t found an answer to my question. If it’s elsewhere on the site, I’ve missed it there too.
What is Inner Loop Start, Inner Loop End, and Inner loop Limit. Where would I use them, and how would I fit it into a macro?

Edit: found my answer.

I made a beginners guide video, advance guide in production :wink: YouTube LINK

I wanted an explanation, I play with mouse razer chrome with synapse program, and I see many macros where they write ms ms 100-150.140 etc. etc, what does it mean exactly, increases macro dps, or does it have a motivation?

Ok… no problem with the import of macros from the /gs ingame sequence viewer… but for the life of me i dont understand how i import macros that are not formated in the sequence viewer but in various class forums…and get them into my /macro box like they show up in it when i do import the ones on the sequence viewer… I have searched the forums endlessly to find a clue but cant… can someone please send me a reference as to how to where i can find the info to do this…im sorry for being so confused about this but i have tried for a week now and no luck. when i copy and paste its not getting to the main list with a ? for me to click and drag to my hot bar in game. the ones that are on the main list i have no problem with completing but the ones im trying to import to the main list are not. Thank you all. cheers

Hello I wanted to know the precise information about the language used for the macros.
The symbols used and their meaning
For example if I use the symbol! What does it mean in front of the macro? And how can I do to make a macro the spell at u definite moment of time? Do not hunt the hunter beast mastery
. Using cobra shooting at least 80% focus as I can set it in mcr?
You could give me a explanation deilla symbology thanks

Why are you fellas not putting your macros in code?