State of BfA Veng

I’m slightly concerned about Veng going into BfA… Now this is based ENTIRELY on tanking the 112 dummy in the DH class hall, but on Live I can get to 90+ stacks and usually give up out of boredom, right now in Beta I can barely survive 5 stacks before getting smoked and the whole time I’m riding low HP…

There is a reason for this the reason why is Tanks cant self-heal as much as they do in Legion. I have two DH Tanks in Legion and I can get up 8 stacks before getting smoked from tanking dummy. At 120 I can last to almost 10-11 stacks but the Veng Tank is so much better than the other tanks right now as they did not suffer from the GCD as much as the other tanks did.

at the start of Legion… do you remember tanking the dummy and getting more than 10-12 stacks? with all due respect, i dont think so.

Veng DH are very strong and i am seriously considering it as my main instead of my Prot War.

Vengeance is in VERY good shape right now. In addition to BDK, you’ll see them surface as MT in BFA.

I am not convinced with Blood DK, they have lost a lot with their artifact gone. Fair enough it’s self sustain but i don’t think you’ll see them being as prevalent. Think Brewmaster will be on the rise as will Prot Warriors but prot is iffy with Ignore Pain and Bolster.

Still a lot to be changed before it goes live. Vengeance becomes too powerful, and we know people only like playing the cream of specs you might see this shift closer to release.