Stormy Enhancement Shaman - Brought to Life by GPT-4!

Hey everyone, it’s Danny here! Some of you might remember me from my Protection Paladin macro. I’ve been hard at work on my second macro, this time for Enhancement Shaman, specifically for the Storm playstyle.

This macro was designed and fine-tuned with the help of the incredible GPT-4, OpenAI’s latest language model. It was no easy task because Enhancement Shaman’s playstyle is deeply tied to procs, which makes macro design quite tricky. However, I believe we’ve managed to create something effective and efficient.

Here’s the macro:




This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.37.

This macro prioritizes abilities in a certain order to maximize DPS while also accounting for procs. I would love to get feedback from the community. Remember, everyone’s mileage may vary due to gear, latency, and playstyle differences.

Feel free to use this macro as a starting point and customize it to better suit your needs. I’m looking forward to hearing your experiences, and any tweaks or suggestions you may have.

Happy gaming!



Awesome macro! Wondering how did you tone it with GPT4?

Have you tried this in M+? and if so, could you share your RIO and the key level you have tried this in?

As far I can tell, imported the macro in the game, it’s the rotation from Wowhead placed on GSE. I’m surprised ChatGPT can deal with GSE but can’t deal with sequential or priority loops, tested it before posting, so you can’t create advanced GSE macros with it.

OP’s macro works, it uses the skills but that’s all. Enh shaman has a lot of checks to get a good GSE macro done, gave it more than 20 chances already, and gave up in all… too many checks.

Cheers and thanks for your contribution @dan

PD (ChatGPT test):

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It doesn’t seem to cast Feral Spirits fast enough when it comes up and not nearly enough Stormstrikes going off. I have tinkered for hours and hours with gse and enhancement and use it only for 3 abilities, rest I just cast myself. Thanks though, seems like one of the best so far :slight_smile:

danny i beg you mate do this for bm hunter your prot paladin and now this are beyond perfect im dying for you to do bm oh and ret paladin for both m+ and raid a one button macro wouldent work for them i dont think

yeah because you legit just said give me a macro and nothing else you gave it no priority list opener rotation advice st aoe etc legit nothing you didnt say what buffs are needed to stay up etc talent list nothing also it can utalise priorty and sequential and it takes into account what is best for the macro in question


PD: You can check what was here on the same post.

nice macro keep going

Pity it couldn’t give you a GSE3 as opposed to a GSE1 macro.

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dannys is gse3 that ntx guy though i think his is gse1

mmm are you trying to cook something about GPT Tim ?!


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Hilarious title. Love this GSE too, works really well at level 67… I think all it does is spam every ability so nothing special but I like that you still shared with the GSE community.