Strength of Earth Build

I’ve decided to go with this Strength of Earth Build, explained on the Icy Veins website. When using this build , all Azerite pieces requires stacking Strength of Earth traits on your armor and using the below talent tree build.
Can someone help build a 1 button macro for this build?
I currently using Cym’s Cymhancement macro on this and it kinda works fine. Just wondering if anyone could build a better one…

1,1,1,1,1,3,2 Talents
“When using Strength of Earth you are attempting to make the most use out of each Rockbiter cast. Piling on as many effects that focus on this cast can result in very powerful single-target burst.” (Icy Veins)

“Strength of Earth
First and foremost, while Strength of Earth is a build defining trait, it does not drastically alter the rotation. Instead, it hyper focuses the talent options that you select, which is explained elsewhere in the talent sections of the guide. Some key notes to keep in mind when using this build are given below.
Strength of Earth strictly requires you to not back to back cast Rockbiter, to avoid wasting the buff.
Be very careful when approaching downtime, especially with regards to Earthen Spike. You need to be very aware of possible downtime and target movement to avoid burning up the duration of this debuff window, and it requires some pre-planning to execute correctly.
You can more aggressively cast Rockbiter to fish for Landslide without losing any damage on average. You should try to limit this however if it starts to heavily interfere with your rotation, or downtime may prevent you from capitalising on these effects.
The build is very heavily focused on single-target, and burst priority damage. This breaks down at an increasing rate the more targets you add into the scenario that displace Rockbiter, so be aware that using this talent build relies on you knowing encounters and situations that work well with it.” (ICY Veins)

See my post:
It is not single button but works great for Strength of Earth build and is what I use.